Action Figure Theater: The final fate of Hal Jordan

I've got a big cat. Like, over 20 pounds. So you can imagine that he's pretty rough on my action figures.

Sorry Hal. I'm a John Stewart fan.

I'm also a big fan of Stuff On My, although perhaps more properly of Cats on my stuff...


Anonymous said…
How can someone be a fan of John Stewart. Ok granted, he was a "no messing around Green Lantern" but had no imagination. Bubbles and Rays... Bubbles and Rays.

Borring and ... i have nothing that sounds like Rays... But you get the picture.

Kyle wasn't that bad... a bit on the Emo side... at least he had something. He was a paradox, unlimmited power with limited self esteem.

Hal would kick Gazou's butt.

Siskoid said…
You're talking about the John Stewart from the cartoons.

I'm talking about the John Stewart from the COMICS. A little perspective, please? That guy was an architect and wound up running an alien Mosaic... I've really got to blog about it soon.

As for Kyle, I wouldn't call him emo, more of a metro, and that is enough reason to hate him.

You want emo? Hal Jordan. Now that's emo. The alcohol abuse from Emerald Dawn, going over the deep end over the destruction of Coast City and boo hoo, I don't feel good about myself so I'm gonna kill the Green Lantern Corps, then I'm gonna make time unravel at both ends so I can remake the time/space continuum so that I'm happy, and then he dies only to come back as the saddest Spectre ever.

Fortunately for Gazou, I lost the ring's battery that came with the figure a loooooooong, long time ago.
Anonymous said…
Hehe, lost the ring battery. Funny.

Just wanted to point out that since I've written my blog entry on Nerd vs Emo, Bass and Siskoid have both used the word emo AT LEAST twice online whereas I had never seen them use it before.

I think I deserve a nomination for the Blog Awards.

Just sayin'...
Anonymous said…
You are so going Batman on Hal's ass.

From the final night saga...

Superman: Hal is a good man.
Batman: As far as I am conserned, Hal was a good man, till he decided to kill.

Not the exact words... but close enough.


Hal was boring... just like Barry was. Just good guys doing the good thing.

Speaking of wich... Bring Wally Back!

I am such a fanboy... beurk.
Ragnell said…
Funny coincidence. I have a cat that looks the same, I have the same action figure, and he likes to play with it.
Siskoid said…
Good luck to Hal!