Spring Cleaning: A box of junk

Doctor Week ends, yes, but the end of something is often the start of something new. And as we soon head into May, it may be time to do some spring cleaning...

Or since I never throw a damn thing away, Spring Cleaning - capital S, capital C - a new recurring feature here on the SBG! In the next few weeks, I'll be rummaging through some boxes full of crap I've accumulated over the years and I'll be showing them off on this here blog. I'm almost scared of what I'll find.

But in the spirit of the present celebrations, I'll start with something Whovian, no?
These are Dalek lead miniatures made for the FASA RPG, and they are totally RUBBISH! Or as we would say on this side of the pond: They're CRAP! Tiny when compared to the hobby standard, a Dalek wouldn't be much taller than a dwarf paladin and about half as wide. The miniatures further had problems with what we call "flash" (pieces of the mold still on the lead mini that you must file off) and were extremely fragile. It was entirely too easy to break off the gun, the plunger or the eye, and they were nigh impossible to glue back on. As you can see from the picture, I never got very far painting them. Two are primed and the other has some metallic paint on which I often used as an undercoat before applying actual details.

But I don't keep this for the Daleks. I keep it for the adorable little box they came in! That little TARDIS is just too precious for words. Swear to God, the Daleks are in a drawer somewhere, but the box is right there on my nightstand.

You have been visiting the depths of my geekitude. Be careful on your way up.


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