Mosaic Memories

I LOVED Green Lantern: Mosaic. I'm pretty sure it made a John Stewart fan out of me. Like Animal Man and Doom Patrol, Mosaic was one weird puppy, but unlike those titles, it was cancelled rather than "go Vertigo". But then, you can't have the Green Lantern mythos spreading to the Mature Readers imprint. The premise: The Guardians of Oa are keeping a patchwork of terrain from dozens of planets as some grand experiment in galactic peace. John Stewart is appointed architect of this new society, to see if he can make the Mosaic work.

And what a strange place it was. In addition to an Earth suburb and a few species we recognize from GL comics (like Maltusians), there are some strange, strange races that are so archetypal or absurd, it could realistically be argued that it was all taking place inside John Stewart's head. John frequent breaking of the fourth wall also helps sell this idea. Well, take a look at this map of the Mosaic from GL:M #10:So big and rich that it feels like wasted potential to have precipitated the end of the story after only a year and a half.

But what is its most memorable moment? Good question. I'd have to say it's issue #2 that cemented my love for the series, specifically the handling of Ch'p, AKA that funny animal Green Lantern. You all remember Ch'p, right?
Not part of the Zoo Crew, Ch'p was really and truly a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and a pal of John, Hal, Kilowog, et al. But not until Gerrard Jones and Cully Hamner got his hands on him in Mosaic did his species feel credible.
And they did a pretty cool Salaak too:
But what was truly memorable was Ch'p's demise as the victime of a Ryder truck. Remember kids: Yellow is the ring's one weakness.
That is HARSH (a key ingredient in making things memorable)! Wouldn't you know it, Ch'p stays true to his animal roots and runs in the wrong direction. The only other roadkill scene as heart-wrenching is "The Coyote Gospel", folks.
Poor Ch'p. Don't worry, he stays in the series as a sort of ghost or conscience. The something red he saw in John and that scared him off will turn out to be of major importance in the series. I'm still not sure if it's just a possession by Sinestro, or man's carnivorous nature, or John's repression of Katman Tui's death, or all of that at the same time. Mosaic: The Neon Genesis Evangelion of Green Lantern comics.

But what are your memorable Mosaic moments?


"Mosaic: The Neon Genesis Evangelion of Green Lantern comics."

Ok, NOW I'm sold.
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