Batman and the Outsiders #1: Pages 8-9

More JLA shenanigans...Yeah, Clark, do you REALLY want kids to mimic Batman? Staying up all hours? Driving recklessly? Taking up wards at the drop of a trapeze artist? Throwing tantrums and quitting teams?
"...or at any rate, at least call in Zatanna to erase my memory."
Wonder Woman ass shot! THERE'S your Frank Miller influence!
Wow. I'm used to hyperbole in comics, but a war just ended? Black Adam's World War III seems paltry by comparison, no?
Finally, some geographic details about this... Markovia. It's about 1.5 times bigger than Luxenbourg, which is one of Europe's tiny, tiny countries. Bigger than the Vatican, but smaller than Malta. If there's a civil war there, it's probably between French and German-language ethnicities, which means you can give Geo-Force either accent. Géo-Force? Yeah, sounds totally French, even though Brion Markov is more germanic. Your choice.

So what else do we know about Markovia? Well, the capital is named Markovburg, and the whole country is stuck in World War II. Ah yes, also...'s the site of EuroDisney.
Origin of Geo-Force fun fact #1: His brother becomes king, so as only a lowly prince, he's an OUTSIDER! These guys totally look like they're at each other's throats, don't they? Well, I'll take their father's word for it, he's probably known them for longer than two panels. Certainly, they are very different. One has dark hair, the other light. One likes to wear lacy officious shirts, the other's more of a khakis kind of guy. Irreconcilable differences, I know.
Ah, here comes some fratricide in the making: Brion is super-snippy which Gregor ("la-dee-da, I'm sorry your mawwwjesty") and Greg nitpicks him to death ("not YET King, you moron, don't you know anything about succession?"


Anonymous said…
Well, now we know why Aquaman was so grumpy back on page 5. Superman was lecturing the team on how cool he, Wonder Woman, and Batman are, and how they all look up to him.

"Why doesn't kryptonite ever fall into the ocean...?"
Siskoid said…
Actually, you only have to look through Aquaman's Showcase Presents to see that it does.

Arthur is severely tempted.