DVD Tales: Daredevil Director's Cut to Dead Poets Society

Following from Daredevil...

Daredevil Director's Cut (Mark Steven Johnson, 2003)
If you haven't seen the Director's Cut, it's a very different movie from the original. There's an extra half hour of material, for one thing, with a good comic role for Coolio, playing a doomed client. Matt gets to use his senses to investigate a murder, there are more courtroom theatrics, and it all ties in with the ultimate fate of the Kingpin (in the theatrical release, suddenly the cops are coming for him for no reason). It's also got a different take on the Daredevil/Elektra relationship: In this version, he never gets the girl, which changes the impact of many scenes and lines and makes this a much darker vision. I think I still prefer the punch packed by the theatrical version - this is somewhat slower - but it's a film I don't mind owning in two versions. If you thought the theatrical had plot holes, the holes are filled in here.

Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998)
For many, it's Labyrinth or The Rocketeer, but I can safely say that for me, Dark City is where I got the hots for Jennifer Connelly. This film noir version of The Matrix is a reality bender worthy of Philip K. Dick and one of my favorite genre films of all time. I got turned on to it by Roger Ebert on tv, and I guess he really, really, really liked it, because he offers up a rare critic's commentary on the disc, especially relating to the noir aspects. It's been too long since I watched it, really do have to pop it in soon.

Day The Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise, 1951)
Reviewed recently enough in a Geekly Roundup, follow the link to learn more about my kick on Pamela Neal, why the commentary track is interesting to Trekkies, what extras I found particularly fun, and then head on to this link for my linguistic examination of the famous words "Klaatu Barada Nikto". Well, where I say linguistic, you might say stupid. Is this the oldest movie I currently own on DVD?

Days of Being Wild (Kar Wai Wong, 1991)
2046 made me a Kar Wai Wong fan, and my holy grail In the Mood for Love (I'm chasing for the out-of-circulation special edition). In the meantime, there are plenty of films to collect, and Days of Being Wild was one of them. Reviewed not long ago, I'll add that it wasn't as precious as 2046, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. Must I repeat myself? Maggie Cheung is the new love of my life. Sorry girls, I'm now taken. (I'm sure that comes as a relief.)

Dead Poets Society (Peter Weir, 1989)
I wonder how much Dead Poets Society contributed to my turning an incomplete communications degree into an English Lit major three years after its release. Looking back now, it remains one of the best coming of age films I've ever seen, and now that I have a more intimate knowledge of the poetry, it resonates even more. Robin Williams knows when to reign it in here, and the touching comedy stands in harsh contrast to the beautifully staged death of Neal. Now that is impressive sound editing. Just lovely.

But what did YOU think? Next: Death Race 2000 to Doctor Who: The Beginning.


The Mutt said...

I hate hate hate Dark City! Why? Because they think I am so stupid that I could never understand the movie unless they spoil the shock ending before the opening credits roll.

Imagine if Sixth Sense opened with a monolog by Bruce Willis where he tells you he is a *****.

Or if the opening credits of Usual Suspect listed ***** ****** as Keyser Soze.

If anyone has not seen the movie, I suggest you start at the chapter after the opening credits. The movie is 1000 times better.

De said...

The Day the Earth Stood Still was, oddly enough, my daughter's favorite film for quite a while. She was five at the time and of course I indulged her whenever she wanted to watch it.


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