This Week in Geek (27/08-2/09/07)


First off, a belated birthday gift (? - the card just says "thinking of you") from expatriated good friend Emili, lost to the wilds of Manitoba. It's The Science of Sleep, a movie that's in French, English and Spanish apparently, and that she thought I would enjoy. I'm sure I will. Thanks Mills!

And with my own money, I went to the store to get the third Manhunter trade and Showcase Presents Wonder Woman, but as usual, had the opportunity to get a free trade with that. My impulse buy: Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD by "Steranko and Co.". Wow, you know you're dealing with a defining artist when even Stan Lee is relegated to "Co." status. I got me a lot of radness, right there.


It's Frosh Week(s), so I could only do the Geek Thang on the weekends, so you'll excuse me if there's not a whole lot. Last weekend, I managed to finish the third Invincible hardcover, not that it was hard. Damn thing reads itself. And now I'm stuck with mad withdrawal symptoms. Damn you, Robert Kirkman and your irresistable comics!

And this weekend, I read through Manhunter: Origins, which seemed a little disjointed at times because of whatever crossover Kate Spencer probably appeared in at the time, and I'm not entirely sure she needed to be a legacy hero 5 times over (the name, two family relations and 2 pieces of equipment), but the stories remain highly enjoyable and a great "realistic" take on superheroics. Are there enough issues for a fourth trade? I'll buy it and beyond.

And today we decided to definitely start up a Planescape campaign using the ol' AD&D 2nd edition. Four characters were built including an albino fence called Zit, a bariaur gladiator with a penchant for body paint, a battle mage with airs of grandeur, and a fighting monk of the Transcendent Order. I've got a lot of character sheet transcribing to do, so I won't be keeping you long.

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The Hugo Awards have been announced, and while I won't be reading any of the winning (or nominated stories) for years, I'm sure, I wanted to mention Doctor Who's win with Steven Moffat's excellent Girl in the Fireplace (indeed the next story I'll be turning into cards). Better yet for my favorite SF series, it had two other nominated stories: the highly emotional Army of Ghosts/Doomsday and the return of Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion. The right "Girl" won the prize.


De said...

"The Girl in the Fireplace" really sang to me on an emotional level. I'm not afraid to admit that the episode makes me sob like a baby every time I watch it. Good to know it won the Hugo.

Siskoid said...

New Who that makes me cry:
-World War Three
-Father's Day
-The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
-Boom Town
-The Parting of the Ways
-The Christmas Invasion
-School Reunion
-Girl in the Fireplace
-Impossible Planet/Satan Pit
-Love & Monsters
-The Runaway Bride
-Human Nature/The Family of Blood
-The Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords

Sometimes it's tears of joy, but I'm a big crybaby.


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