This Week in Geek (3-9/09/07)


I wasn't going to go to the comic book store this week, but when I saw that Checkmate vol.2 and DMZ vol.3, books I've been following in trade format, were out, I just had to. And while I was there, I picked up Losers vol.2. I'm not quite sure about this series yet, but I may yet warm up to it. Sadly, with all the Outsiders crap crossing into Checkmate in later issues, maybe this'll be the last trade I buy. I mean, have the Outsiders EVER improved a title by appearing in it?


Flipped a trio of Doctor Who DVDs this week, which I might as well subtitle Beginnings and Endings. Castrovalva was the first 5th Doctor story (one I'm fond of and that has aged fairly well - a surprisingly solid part for Tegan as well), Robot was the 4th's first story (he's good in it, but the plot and effects sometimes fail him), and Survival was the very last classic Who story (I'd never seen it, but aside from a hilarious animatronic cat, it's a solid Season 26 story - i.e. heavily metaphorical and dealing with Ace - also, the extras are very cool, including a look at the never made Season 27 and the Master's computer game links).

And from the other side of the Pond, I flipped TNG Season 7 (as presented daily on this blog). The extras were a little more gushing than usual, because the cast and crew are nostalgic about the end of an era, but competent as usual. You won't hear me talk about flipping DS9 because they were flipped long ago. Truth be told, DS9 was the first Star Trek I bought on DVD, and the only one I even came close to paying full price for.

And right back to Doctor Who: Started work on The Girl in the Fireplace for my Doctor Who Customizable Card Game. Gorgeous cards, because the episode is gorgeous. No Reinette yet, she's proving to be difficult to pin down well, but 17 other cards from "Girl", and the first for my new Time Meddlers expansion, in which dates and movement between Spacetime cards will be developped further, like so:
Finally, we started that Planescape campaign today. Just a short scenario to introduce the players to the City of Doors and some possible recurring NPCs and antagonists. If I call it an unqualified success, it's because the players took the "Philosophers with clubs" concept to heart and had fun role-playing their personal philosophies, even ending the story in an unexpected way. Short enough that we had time left over, I went on to run some flashbacks on how they joined their respective factions, which set up more NPCs and hinted at certain mysteries. I think we've got some momentum and hope to play again sooner than later.

Website Finds

My good friend Bauble sent this link to me as proof that George Takei was gay even before he came out. It takes a dedicated man to read up on "A not-so-complete history of tv show tattoos" to find evidence to that effect. You're a stronger man than I, Bauble, you're a stronger man than I.



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