Trailer Trash: Iron Man

Everybody's linking it by now, but for ease of access, HERE IT IS AGAIN.

You know, I skipped on Ghost Rider this summer, and Spider-Man 3 didn't get me into a theater. The first Fantastic Four was so awful, I've vowed never to see the second, even when it'll be on six times a week on TBS. But Iron Man, yes, yes, I think I have to see this one. 5 reasons why:

1. Tony Stark is a right douchebag in this, and Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect man to give that performance. Had this come out in 10 or 20 years ago, it would've been the wrong way to go. In this era of Stark being the guy you love to hate, it's PERFECT.

2. Iron Man flies like there's actual drag on his arms. Time for some tie-in bobble-head hood ornaments.

3. Tony with a drink in his hand. Can't have an Iron Man movie without him getting sloshed at least once.

4. Vietnam has been replaced with Iraq of course, and as a merchant of death, Tony gets what's coming to him.

5. And he then proceeds to build his first armor IN THE DEPTHS OF OSAMA'S CAVE!!! If you're not sold by now, you're not human.


Anonymous said...

I too was first attracted by Stark as an asshole, then scared off by the idea that Ironman might actually just be that first suit from the cave all movie long, then turned on again by how neat the last suit looks then turned OFF again by the "dogfight" sequences. Something was missing from them although I'm not sure what. A bit of action and excitement maybe? The trailer just doesn't sell it well enough although I'm sure the actual sequence in the movie, in context, makes for a great ride.

Siskoid said...

Well, fans love the gray suit because that's how Iron Man started out.

And I don't think that's a dogfight, I think it's an escort/demonstration. An odd "negative space" in the trailer (no music, no action), just a show of the CGI character.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to thrash the movie trailer, but you seem quite giddy about this coming out.

Oh, trailer trash, I get it.

BTW saw the trailer yesterday quite by accident. Don't know enough of the franchise to have an opinion. To quote Monty Python, "I think it's too early to tell"

rob! said...

if the movie has the line "that's how dad did it, that's how america does it, and its worked out pretty well so far" and it doesnt get snipped out between now and May 2, it will ALREADY be a better movie than Hulk, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Catwoman, and most of the Batmans.

Dr. K said...

Everything in this trailer, from the faithful origin to the necessary use of Sabbath, says, quite simply, "We are giving you exactly what you want."

Anonymous said...

The use of 'Hey Man Nice Shot' in the first part is kinda messed up.

Isn't that song about the politician who blew his head off at a press conference, on TV?


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