Batman and the Outsiders #0: Pages 11-12

Left hanging in the middle of a sentence, so to recap: "Besides, I guess you never heard..."Hm. Well, come to think of it, you're right. I don't think I've ever heard that one. "Lightning never strikes twice" maybe. But that it does? Never. Mike Barr: Master of the American idiom.

But at least Giant Black Pants Administrator is taken down.
Somebody call the unions. It's supposed to be Katana's job to take out the trash, and Black Lightning's to ask if everyone's well.

And now a special service announcement from Batman (FINALLY!):
Yes, yes it is.
You mean you didn't have a man on Miklos already? "Of course! They're going for their target!" World's greatest detective, folks.
But not to worry, the terrorists aren't any smarter. Take this guy Simon, for example. I would have knocked the cop out BEFORE setting the bomb on the door, just to make sure I wasn't interfered with. But not to worry, terrorism fans, the cops aren't any smarter, cuz they don't. Lesson: Comics write themselves if you make everyone stupid.
Oh, no! Gordon's dropped his gun. Now he's gonna spend the better part of the next page 2 pages on the floor looking for it.
See? Nowhere to be seen. But wait! Just as the terrorists are about to succeed in killing themselves, someone comes. So let's not press any buttons quite yet, Simon. I, Miklos, don't want to die without closure!
Continuity Error #2: Halo doesn't know Batman is Bruce Wayne, so what is he afraid of here? That she'll call him Mr. Batman? I'd think he'd WANT to be called mister.
Metamorpho's gone to the other side! (Nooooo, silly, it just looks that way without the coloring.)
"Bozhe moi!"

To be concluded: Are the Outsiders dead? (Hopefully). Who is that trenchcoated figure? (Geo-Force) And why isn't he dying at their side? (He's a poltroon! That's right. I used the word poltroon.)