Batman and the Outsiders #0: Pages 5-6

Stuff Halo isn't good at: Prioritizing. There's a guy shooting napalm at patients and she's worried about...Them, hurting EACH OTHER. Continuity Error #1: Since where are we "humans" to Halo? Since when does she consider herself not human? Looks like Barr's character treatments leaked before their time!
Halo: She knows what a sprinkler is. Keep that in mind the next time she doesn't know what a coffee maker is or how to take a shower.
This shot of the crowd in stasis may be a good time to remind everyone that this was the burn ward. They certainly look like burn victims, don't they? Either Aparo can't draw burn victims, or most likely the Comics Code Authority wouldn't let him.
If it looked like the napalm thrower had been armpitted out for the count, think again. He was standing out in the hallway all along.
More evidence that Aparo wasn't allowed to burn anyone "onscreen". Halo is supposed to be turned into a crispy critter here, but even her hair is hardly singed.
Ahhh, finally a real hero appears: Metamorpho. And he's been reading Batman's files. After all, this IS a Batman comic, so the villain should be a "named" character with his own entry in Who's Who and everything. Who uses flamethrowers in Batman's rogues gallery? That's right, Firefly. Brilliant deduction. Surely these terrorists can't be generic goons! No, impossible.
Wait, wait, wait. Was this guy going to blowtorch his way out of Metamorpho? Hydrogen atoms or not, that doesn't sound like a good idea. Wouldn't napalm slosh around in there and get on your favorite suit? How about melted copper? Oh right, I forgot these guys were on a mission to commit suicide.
First, when did they have time to come up with that plan? Or was Metamorpho not in on it? Maybe he wasn't. He sure was shocked by what we weren't allowed to see (damn you Wertham!!). So much so he's not getting over it. "Ok, if you say it was just an illusion, ok, I guess I have to believe you." (Yes Rex, cuz she's standing right there.) "It sure looked real, you sure it wasn't real?" (No Rex, cuz she's standing right here and she's fine.) "Ok, if you say so, but phewww, I thought for a second..." (Rex, get over it. SHE'S STANDING RIGHT HERE!)

So two Outsiders introduced, one a slow-witted candy striper, the other a shell-shocked shapeshifter, four others to go!