Batman and the Outsiders #4: Critical Analysis

In Gotham, they're all crazy. When you've got a grand delusion or insane obsession, you put on a purple suit or something and you commit crimes specifically tailored to attract Batman's attention. Common knowledge, common practice.

But what do you do when your mental problems aren't so epic? You've just got a bad case of insecurity (Baron Bedlam) or Vietnam flashbacks (Agent Orange) or good old-fashioned depression (Miklos) or maybe... a nervous breakdown?Yes, you put on a costume anyway, and you attract the attention of the Outsiders. Cuz as Batman is fond of saying, the Outsiders aren't ready for the BIG insanities yet. Not when Geo-Force has yet to win a diving medal in the Olympics (jumping off Black Lightning's back isn't going to give you the proper stability). Not when Halo's thighs look this terrible when she's on her knees. Not when Katana doesn't know where to point that thing (hint: Black Lightning's throat isn't it). Not when everyone's got range, yet fails to realize they don't HAVE to take another step.

But one-shot lunatics without their own Who's Who entries? Right down the Outsiders' alley. That's right folks, B&TO #4 is up for critical review.