Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 1-3

Purple prose in black and white:No credited letterer, so who do I hang the blame for this awkward caption placement? "Halo--One-Man Meltdown" It's just how I read it. How bright is Halo's halo that it can't illuminate that room? I'm just asking because I'd like to know how much hyperbole went into that opening piece. And what is this task Halo must complete?
Wait, I've seen this bit before...
Ah yes, the difficult task of changing clothes. In a second, you're gonna wonder how high that ceiling was...
High enough they can have a conversation while she falls. Batman: hardass. Because you never know when you're going to need to change into your civilian identity mid-flight.
Geo-Force: Groper. Those fingers are really creeping me out.
Tallest. Ceiling. Ever.
Metamorpho and Black Lightning: Cheerleaders.
Katana: Hardass (hey that's Batman's job!).
Best panel in this issue and it's right here on page 3. Check out that caption. It's Mike Barr admitting that the Outsiders are C-list heroes and that we wouldn't have bought this comic if not for Mr. Headliner here.
So my question is (I wouldn't have so many if Barr didn't dig so many plot holes), when did Halo FIRST change into normal clothes? Looks like it takes a lot of concentration, and nobody knows how her powers work, so... how did it become a phenomenon to be explored and/or ignored?

Possible scenario: One day, they're explaining what a brick is and she furrows her brow to try to "get it" and POOF! Sensible skirt and sweater. Yeah, it probably went down that way.
Katana: "Hardly killed anyone. That's good right?"
Black Lightning: "Powers, shmowers. I'm in it for the acrobatics and jive talkin'."
Metamorpho: "Saved your asses, didn't I?"
Geo-Force: "They had a burn ward right there!!"
Halo: "Mmm, uhm..." POOF!!! "Oh no."
Batman: "I don't make mistakes, rookies. And I sure as hell won't analyze my performance for you or anyone."