Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 12-13

Hope you had a good Christmas, now back to our regularly scheduled stake-out:Hey Batman, howzabout you turn your mother%$&in' volume down, man! Really, it's much funnier if you imagine Lightning shouting his dialogue in a Martin Lawrence kind of way.
"You do it up brown..." Nope, I have no idea what that means. I've always thought Batman did up his stuff in black.
Words to live by, but they scarcely explain the Outsiders.
I guess that radio was done up brown ENOUGH! (Am I using that right?)
So what were these two doing? Flying around all glowy and stuff on a stake-out? Wouldn't it be smart to leave one behind in case it's just a broken radio and not Creegan? Well, I'm not Batman, so what do I know. He's brown and I'm not.
Batman is the greatest detective this side of Sherlock Holmes and here's further proof. Proof of soap operatics! If only he would use his deductive powers for good.
Yeah, that tied you tied him up in the basement and called him a retard was pretty harsh. Oh, All-Star Batman and Robin isn't canonical? But Batman and the Outsiders IS? Whatever, man.

Oh and Black Lightning? Not even being attacked.
Again, don't want to criticize the Batman. I know better. But he's outfitted a human electricity generator with all sorts of electronics. Is it any wonder they don't work very well. BZZZT!
Weird blasting gesture, yes, but that's what three years of shadow puppetry courses in prison will do to you.
And now that the fight's started, I'm expecting some dynamic stuff from Aparo. Except I can't quite understand his staging here. Meltdown has made a hole above his head, Black Lightning comes up from behind and zaps him from afar, and then BL is being flung up the hole... So did he stupidly close in even though he could have kept his distance? I guess so.

Ahh the stuff that happens between panels...