Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 14-15

We never see Black Lightning land and neither does Meltdown...You'll see this unfold, but check out how the Outsiders never use teamwork. First, one of them tries to beat the villain alone. Then, someone else tries. And so on. It's really not helping me like the comic. Even Metamorpho is garbage in this thing. Ho ho ho.
There's also the matter of that not constituting "coating", though I'm glad to see Rex has no nerve endings.
Three facts about Meltdown:
1) He spent a summer at ballerina camp hoping to meet some ladies.
2) In 1981, he unsuccessfully attempted to copyright the catch phrase "Blast it".
3) He has no quarrel with you.
All very well and good, but if he can own the most powerful Outsider, what chance have Black Lightning and Katana got? Maybe if they work together...
Sorry no. As BL keeps shouting "pass ME the ball", she goes in alone.

Don't you just love how STAR Labs has a big safe door with a complicated computer lock, and still feels the need to write "Authorized Personnel Only" on it? How about you only give the entry code to those that are and save on the letter decals?
ONE-FINGERED SALUTE - SECOND STANCE! (Oh, sorry, I've been enjoying Immortal Iron Fist of late. Not that attracting a swinging sword to you isn't a GREAT move in and of itself. Uhm...)
Great way to make this team kick ass: Use a lame villain, and have all the characters say he's lame, but still have them lose to his sorry ass. Katana: Ineffectual.

And now for the Most Sensible Decision in the issue:
The Outsiders: Not worth fighting.