Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 16-17

So Meltdown's about to escape when he gets hit by road paint.Oh it's only Geo-Force. Ignore him. He's sending you the universal road sign for "you may pass".
Why is this looking more and more like a music video?
To be frank with you Halo (if you can reign in the teenage tantrums for a minute), you're on your 5th adventure EVER and you're still learning to use your powers. I'm not sure we've seen the stasis aura more than once, twice tops. So there's plenty of stuff nobody's ever been able to do before. Hey, WATCH OUT...
Meltdown: He's not afraid to pull hair. If that isn't the true meaning of evil, I don't know what is. I bet he aims for the crotch too.
Ignore Geo-Force. Just ignore him. Now... what is it Halo should do?
Of course! Turn into powerless human form. While a radioactive supervillain on fire is holding you by the ponytail. Makes perfect sense.

But only if you're trying to kill Halo.

Perfect sense.