Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 4-5

And now to introduce the villain of the piece:Yay, he's already in jail. Well, that was easy. NEXT! (Oh, and Crime Bible fans? Check out Crime Cathedral!)
Is this what they call cruel and unusual punishment?
Ok, presumably, the goop is to keep Creegan from "flaming up" whatever kind of powers "Meltdown" has. So then they let him towel it off? Your tax dollars at work.
Well there you have it. It's a running theme on the SBG today: Prison makes you worse.
Meltdown's powers: Speeding up atoms. You mean, like, heating stuff, right? No wait, he's also ageing those bullets, speeding up time for them. Man, I wish I'd paid attention in physics class.
Meltdown's powers - the continuing saga: For one thing, he can speed up the atoms in the air so that he is buoyed by them. He can also speed up the atoms in Mike Barr's brain so that the comic's title comes out of his own mouth.

Next: Bring on the Outsiders. They're the ones we really want to laugh at.