Batman and the Outsiders #4: Pages 6-7

And now for some superhero action!!!Redecorating superhero action, that is! Watch - as Katana wields a deadly brush! Marvel - at the girl of colorful halos painting a wall! Snicker - at how much crap partyboy Bruce Wayne has left lying around his old apartment! Wonder - how Mike Barr can justify Halo calling Katana "'Mrs."!
And then... DRAMA!
You know, even the Power Pack kids don't go "WHEEEEEE!" when flying under their own power.
Of course, their identities are safe so long as Batman keeps spiking the water supply. As a non-Gothamite (and thus, not incredibly dumb when it comes to these things), here's how you piece it together. Bruce Wayne has fairly often been accused of being the Dark Knight. Now Batman hangs around with a blond teenage girl and a Japanese woman. Lo and behold, he's loaning the penthouse on top of his corporate HQ to the same. And one of them doesn't wear a mask. Or glasses.
So it's been building up to this. For 2 whole panels. Should have seen it coming.
So there you have it. Halo is a complete and utter moron. Not only is she completely overreacting, but I'm sure her "real family" whom she doesn't know really do love her. And she's more self-absorbed than a broke Peter Parker if she doesn't notice the return of Giant Black Pants Administrator from the preview issue. But we know he's there. We're on to him...
Meanwhile, Geo-Force and Metamorpho have a... moment on the down-low.
GF's renovations are a little more drastic. Like bulldozing other homes drastic.
To build THAT monstrosity. I guess it was the early 80s. Castle towers and knight's armor helmets were all the rage.
"Perfect spot for Markovia to launch an attack on the city... I mean house the embassy! ...and once this is Markovian ground, we'll simply annex the rest of America!!!" Hey, I'm just trying to make Geo-Force interesting.

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