Brave & the Bold #200 Outsiders Preview Analysis

AKA Batman and the Outsiders #0

You asked, and so you shall receive. Starting again at the other beginning, this is a deep, thought-provoking analysis of the Outsiders first chronological appearance in Brave & the Bold #200's preview insert. It takes place, according to Showcase Presents, in between their near-mythical battle with Agent Orange Batman and the Outsiders #3 and the Fried Green Tomatoes drama of #4. Over the next few days, we will discuss, debate and aesthetically experience this fine half-of-an-issue. So here now is the "cover".Observations:
1) Fans of Meltzer's Justice League of America will immediately recognize Batman's team-building modus operandus. Get the flash cards out. Make sure to match the photos with your checklist. well done Mr. Phelps, now you're ready to go on your mission.
2) Don't you just hate reading with your back to the light? It's really bad for the eyes.
3) So Metamorpho was last pick? Note also how he made himself first pick. Like there was any chance he wouldn't be on his own team.
4) The three energy blasters really showcase a number of blasting styles. Black Lightning uses the "fastball". Halo, the "cat scratch". And Geo-Force, the "gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy".
5) My favorite part of the image is the eraser. You think you're in the team, but you're never safe. (Actually, the first name ever erased on the list was Batman's own. He's smarter than the Outsiders make him seem.)

If you're hung up on the fact that Batman didn't actually choose the team this way, or choose it at all really, I have one word for you: METAPHOR. See? It's literary criticism DISGUISED as snark. Stay tuned for the rest of the Outsiders' introduction to the world!