Siskoid's Blog of Geekery Year 1

One Star Trek review a day served two purposes: 1) insuring daily content and 2) easily figuring out how long I've been doing this. #365 came out today, so that's a full year of the SBG. 365 days, 813 posts (so should I have been worried about daily content?), 2 banners and lots of new friends.

The biggest challenge for me, I think, has been balancing various spheres of geekery I'm interested in. Looking at my Labels list, the most popular topics have been:
-Star Trek (366): Obviously, as the format demanded it.
-Comics (274): It's how I got into the blogosphere, after I discovered many of the very entertaining comics blogs in the side-bar here.
-Batman (75): He's hard to avoid, especially when you're laughing at Brave and the Bold and the Outsiders.
-Geekly roundup (50): Once a week, but obviously, I started a bit late.
-Movies (40): A pretty vague label, which does include DVD Tales.
-Doctor Who (40): A true passion, these have more thought behind them, so there are fewer.
-Thursdays of Two Worlds: An on-again, off-again feature. It's a cheap way of showing off homage covers.
-RPGs: A major interest, but hard to work into the blog, I admit.
-Outsiders (39): A couple pages of snark a day got that number up.
-Websites (38): Sometimes added to the geekly roundup, but not a real commitment.

Other fields of geekery that have suffered in comparison include anime (1), CCGs (2), geekwear (3), music (3), SF (2), toys (10) and TV (5), but of course, each would doubtless have more if I'd labeled every little mention in This Week in Geek.

So what's ahead for the SBG? More of the same, certainly. Completing Star Trek will take another year, and there's another series of Doctor Who in 2008. The Outsiders still suck, and Bob Haney is still insane. That won't ever change. So stay tuned, friends, I'm here to stay and I thank you profoundly for your patronage thus far.

And if there's anything old you want back, or anything new you want addressed, feel free to leave a comment. I am nothing if not your humble servant. I geek out so you don't have to.


snell said...

Congrats on a year, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching the one year mark. Now quit congratulating yourself and get cracking on your next entry!

And while I'm on the topic of unsolicited input, I like the "gamer type" entries. I'm still waiting to see if you have the procastinator in your gaming history. We had a friend who, once he got hold of the dice and knew we were at his mercy, would start holding court on any number of topics, none of which involved dropping the dice and getting a result. It was great fun as he talked about anything else and we begged him to roll, all while the soothing sound of rattling dice provided the background noise.

And more Batman and Outsiders. I'm begging.

De said...

I'd like to echo my congratulations if I may. And I agree with H - bring on more of the Mike Barr hilarity!

Siskoid said...

Snell: Thanks, and let me just compliment you one of my favorite newer blogs. I just love the stuff you choose to talk about (Adam-12 vs. baboon? CLASSIC!)

H: We don't have that kind of procrastinator exactly, but maybe it's time I lampooned my good friend Paul Ward. I guess that's my Monday.

De: 2 votes for Outsiders? I'll warm up the scanner.

snell said...

Maybe when your Star Trek run is done, you could start One Logan's Run review a day. Or one Knight Rider review a day...

Dan said...

I came for the Star Trek, I stayed for the rest.

Congrats on the blogiversary, Siskoid!

Siskoid said...

Thanks Doola. I'm a fan of Great Big Nerd as well, and judging by your "8 Things" lists recently, it's easy for me to see why. BNL? TMBG? Inane cat talk? Proper gaming? I'm there!

Snell: Well, I do have Trek plans for beyond the tv series, but we'll see in a year, yeah? Although if I were going to do another tv series entirely, I can't think of anything that would be as long a commitment. Maybe the Bruce Timm's Animated DC Universe?

The Mutt said...

Lord knows where you find time for it, but I thank you for it.

And I curse you for probably making me buy several box sets of ST:DS9

Here's to another year!

The Mutt said...

I forgot to say, my favorite feature other than the indispensable Star Trek run down is your look at Batman and The Outsiders.

I can never, ever get enough of Jim Aparo.

I'd bet you're a Kolchak fan. Tell us about that.

Siskoid said...

Mutt: I find the time by cutting down on girls.

Kolchak? Know about it, haven't ever seen it. But I think I'm about ready to discover it.

Anonymous said...

You're crazy.

And that's why we love you.

And it's ok if you ripped me off of my signature, I ripped it off of a YouTube political vlogger anyway. :P

Here's to many more years!

Colin said...

crWell, I'm here princiaplly for the WhoCCG tidbits, but I always stop to read the Trek reviews...

Siskoid said...

Pout: Yeah, the expression you think I thought was original to you? Not remotely. It's quite a common expression. Google it and you'll see. It's not even the first time I've used it on this blog. And it's not even the first time I've seen it this week on a comics-related blog.

Colin: I don't do very many WhoCCG bits on the blog. I've tried starting to write design articles, but I'd rather spend my time actually designing cards. Glad to know you like other stuff.

Austin Gorton said...

Make it four votes for the Outsiders...

Star Trek is what got me here but now I'm here to stay. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the fun.

googum said...

Came for the Trek, stayed for everything else. Congratulations! (And that is a huge number of posts!)

Michael May said...

Happy Birthday! Blogs are so cute when they're one.

I love all your features, but like most of these guys I came for the Star Trek. You say you have plans for after you're done with the series and I say bring them on. I'm hoping it's novels and/or comics.

I also like the idea of your going through the DC Timmiverse, and even though you've touched on them in DVD Tales, I'd love a deeper look at Doctor Who from the beginning.

Siskoid said...

Your hope may yet be fulfilled!

As for Doctor Who from the beginning, I admit to being a little hamstrung by the excellent essays in the About Time series. Those are so in-depth and varied that I have a hard time coming up with something new! But I'll certainly try adding more Doctor Who content soon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on keeping the taps flowing straight from the GeeKeg. I'll join the others in blaming you for all my geek vices, buying ST DVD's, wasting perfectly good time in WoW, etc.

You are daily reading material for me for a year now. And though you are marooned in Acadia far far away, I feel that we bonded and are close again. (yep, I can hear your gazoo at this point)

Siskoid said...

Aw Mike, that's so nice. Friends like us don't so much drift apart as they simply occupy the same point in different quantum states.


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