This Week in Geek (26/11-2/12/07)


Nope, still nothin'. And yet, Christmas approaches.


Oh Doctor Who, you are my world. Flipped Series 3 this week, a nice DVD package which nonetheless could have used even more extras. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with the commentary tracks, Doctor Who Confidential episodes and David Tennant's video diaries (which I like better than Confidential as behind the scenes featurettes go), but I've been spoiled by the Classic Who releases. Those are so complete, I miss things such as the podcasts and the flash cartoon Infinite Quest, just like I missed Attack of the Graske and the TARDISodes on the previous boxed set. Still, a good season with interesting biblical leitmotifs and my new favorite companion ever, Martha Jones.

Someone who could rival Martha is Blink's non-companion, Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan is the cat's meow), and she appears in the episode I've watched the most often (3 times only this week). Why so many times? Unauthorized cards, of course! A dozen cards done up as I write this with 6-8 more. I'm very close to finishing the Time Meddlers expansion. In the meantime, enjoy this write-up of Sally.
I also flipped 28 Weeks Later, which is a sincere effort that looks and sounds as good as the original (28 Days Later), but is sadly much more straightforward. The Americans show up in deserted London, and it's like they bring their Hollywood clichés and special effects with them. I don't mean to be too down on it, since there are good things here, but it left me a bit empty considering how much 28 Days had to say.

I could probably have accomplished more if I hadn't had an improv show to prepare and act in, but there you go. I'm not sure how geeky you would find a 2-hour improv in the style of a Greek tragedy, but I'll still mention it here. My performance was termed "Best. Oracle. Ever.", but that title really belongs to Barbara Gordon, doesn't it? I will say that I was particularly impressed with our use of masks, sometimes on, sometimes off, to create some wonderful effects. Next time guys, if we can only limit the number of wardrobe malfunctions to just a few? ;-)


Bill D. said…
Sally Sparrow... sigh. I hope they bring her back sometime. She's entirely too cool a character to let slip by the wayside.

Also, I want a "The Angels Have the Blue Box" t-shirt pretty badly.