Walt Simonson on Doctor Who

Though Simonson has admitted to never having watched Doctor Who in his life, he HAS drawn a few Who covers and illustrations for Marvel Comics. And that right there is what I call a perfect storm of coolness. Seems to me he's the perfect man to draw long flowing scarves.And suction cup monsters.
And UNIT personnel with giant Kirby guns (guns only included in my mind).
And the hottest of the hot, my girl Leela.
Yes, I think I can forgive him his never watching it.

All pics from Marvel Premiere #60 (though some repeated elsewhere), a gift from my good friend Bauble.


Michael May said…
Oh, wow, I'd forgotten how much I loved the Tom Baker era. UNIT, Leela, Sarah Jane, Leela, K-9, Leela, Romana, Leela...
Siskoid said…
He did have a lot of the best companions, didn't he?

Until Adric.
I should have known! I'm about to write a post on this very topic. I decided to do a little research just to be sure no one has covered this subject already ... and sure enough I find my old buddy Siskoid. Grrr...

Perhaps our interests are too similar. :)

The Irredeemable Shag
Siskoid said…
Sorry Shag, but it's old and no one remembers I did it.
Our history is catching up with us!!