I Left My Heart in Mexico City

(Warning: This St.Valentine's Day post may have little to do with St. Valentine's and a lot to do with Comics That Make You Go WHAAAA?!?)

LA LEYENDA DE BLUE DEMON #23, Editorial Ejea, March 29th 1988
Comics from non-English-speaking countries have an inherent strangeness, don't they? So when my mom went on a trip to Mexico back in 1988, I asked her to bring me some of their comics. She weeded out the many, many pornographic comics she found and brought back three, clean comics.

Mmm... clean, yeah, that's the ticket. One of these was The Legend of Blue Demon (that's pretty much as far as my Spanish will take me, translation-wise). Now the Blue Demon is one of those masked wrestler/superheroes which are part of the Mexican tradition. He was a real guy who acted in some 25 horror films, so I guess he was pretty popular.

That said, he doesn't have much to do with his own comic. He's not on the cover, a cover which my mom apparently deemed "clean", and he's not really in the story much at all either. I don't really understand what's going on, of course, but near as I can make out, it looks like a romance comic from the 1950s, except the action takes place in and around a whore house. Well, that's what it looks like.

Basically a collection of scenes where interchangeably similar girls gossip and long for that special boy, or else cry their eyes out. Here's one where a Black Canary clone positively melts:
Man, that character cries a LOT. Quick count: She's shown with tears in her eyes in 17 panels. And this isn't a long comic, folks. Anyway, at least the front cover doesn't constitute false advertisement:
Something to watch out for on your next visit to Acapulco: The dogs want your granny panties!!!!

But where's the Blue Demon? And why isn't this adapted from one of his movies like Blue Demon vs. The Infernal Spiders? Mexican super-wrester fighting giant spiders? I'd buy THAT. Well, I can't answer the second question, but as to the first, Big Blue appears in 2 of the last 3 pages. Here's his full appearance:
So he pokes his head in at the whorehouse in his leather gimp outfit, he flashes his jalapeno at some kids, makes one cry, bats his beautiful eyelashes, and is never heard from again. Maybe he'll have more of a presence in Leyenda #24...
Nope. Dog's still looking for some underwear though.


Damian said...

Eh, I'm digging that first cover though.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or the mask of that hero is a little similar to Nacho Libre's one?

Siskoid said...

Yes, Nacho Libre was based on such masked wrestlers as the Blue Demon.

Unknown said...

you have no idea of what is going on here dude, so i suggest shut the fuck up and find out before you try to explain some story you have no clue.This book is one of 120 more books bcs its a series that used to come out every week and its a true story of Mr. Blue Demon life.i know the story from the beggining to the end.

Siskoid said...

The blog is for entertainment purposes only. Made it clear I was trying to understand the story from picture alone. No offense meant, but you could just have filled us in without resorting to cursing on an 8-year-old article. Thanks.


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