Spaceknight Saturdays: Dog Day Afternoon

My first thought: Are those Dire Wraiths on the cover? Is this how they were originally envisioned? But no, don't worry, they're not. In Rom #6, we do find out a little more about our story's villains, but not their true appearance. Not yet. We're not ready. Not by a long shot. Maybe we never will be.

Much like the world wasn't ready for a Rom television series. And yet, Bill Mantlo reveals in the letters page that there has been "interest" though no definite plans. Wow, imagine that. Who would have voiced him? (Because animation or live action, Rom would principally have been a voice.) But let's not get ahead of ourselves, how did #6 work out?

Well, we pick up where we left off as Rom, Brandy and Steve hide out in the latter's garage. Steve gets take-out, but there was no need. Rom can eat lightbulbs.
Wattage makes him feel logy, so he dozes off while Steve wonders how he'll pay the 200,000$ electric bill that's soon coming to his mailbox. Meanwhile, back at the Keyhole Building, the Wraiths are making decisions about Archie "Firefall" Stryker. Now that he knows the truth AND sports the worst headpiece of any Spaceknight, he's not use to them. Sister Sweet drills a tranquilizer into his arm and puts him to sleep (for now).
Interestingly, we learn that the Wraiths have a caste system divided into "first-born" who are colder and more ruthless and "second-born" who were spawned on Earth and are thus lower on the totem pole. Cut to the high council looking for a scapegoat. How about... you, SHIELD guy?
The mysterious Wraith with the blue hand (oh my, they've infiltrated Atlantis!) has made his choice. Together, the Wraiths summon Darkwing, a demonic being who could be the Phoenix Force's evil (more evil?) twin and makes them sweat profusely.
Meanwhile, those blind hellhounds are still sniffing around for Rom, and being techno-magic dogs, they have a few tricks up their collars:
Rrrroooo indeed! You know you've got quite the menace when their name might as well be a swear:
Makes me pine for a story where Superman fights Great Rao or Robin gets trounced by a Holy something-or-other. In case the Dire Wraiths' evil isn't pure enough, here's how they make those "dogs":
So they're not REALLY from the Dark Nebula, are they. Still, that's gonna get the ire of the SPCA up. Oh, and Rom's, of course. The hounds do have a strategy though. They make him drop his Neutralizer and encase it in a force field.
Then, they drop a car on him. Silly Hellhounds, haven't you been paying attention? You're just giving him his second-favorite weapon.
Hey, maybe it's time for Steve to prove his usefulness! As Rom and a hound tangle each other up in power cables (Steve's bill now up to 450,000$), he douses the other with premium unleaded. And taking a page from Die Hard 2...
...burns the poor creature alive! Too violent? Well, when you consider that the next page features electrocution in the biggest and most conveniently-placed barrel of water ever, it's all par for the course.
Do not **** with Rom! But Rom's not feeling too well. Could be that Sylvania he had for lunch or could be the dark, dark magics of Wraithkind, but we won't find out until next week. Be there for THE DEATH OF ROM!!! (Exaggeration mine.)


naladahc said...

I'm thinking that I need to incorporate "Hellhounds of the Dark Nebula" as an occasional exclamation in my life.

Especially at work.

Siskoid said...

We all do.

LiamKav said...

I'm shocked that you pissed an opportunity to make a "Let's get dangerous" pun.


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