5 Things to Like About Trinity #6

Seems like readers (or at least, bloggers) are a little ambivalent about DC's new weekly series. They like it, but they don't like it that much. They praise the creative team, but they're not sure the story's worth the weekly treatment. They're interested in the stars, but don't care about the guest-stars. It's better than Countdown, but not as engrossing as 52. And so on.

I, for one, love this little series to bits. Here are 5 things to like about the latest issue:

1. It reads like the AbsorbasconThe series plays with the three strong archetypes it's been given to explore just why Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have endured for so long. And this issue's main story is basically one big essay on the subject, placing the heroes in various trinity structures (Sun-Moon-Earth, or through various Tarot Arcana), but mostly as functions of the phrase "Truth, Justice and the American Way". It used to only describe Superman, but since he is the conceptual father of them all, that line may as well describe all superheroes in some way. Here, Busiek incorporates the three ideas in each hero, but they each have a different dominant one.

2. Trinity knows its Tarot
For anyone who knows his or her Tarot, and I must count myself among them (an interest since I was, like, 12), it is very rare to see a done depiction of a Tarot reading in media. Trinity consistently gets it right. Busiek's done his research, or at the very least, has read Rachel Pollack's excellent Vertigo Tarot. No cheap symbolism here.

3. Busiek's read his comics
In an age when continuity snafus are the norm rather than the exception, it's nice to see someone not only use concepts from the whole history of the DC Universe, but also know the details associated with them. Some readers are lukewarm about Gangbuster, a character that appeared in a sizable portion of the Superman books in the late 80s (mostly in Jerry Ordway's Adventures of Superman). Not only am I happy to see José Delgado again, but it was great to see that he was still tight with Lois Lane.

4. The pecking order
To me, referring to Killer Moth as one of Batman's punching bags, is HIGH-larious. They're not all worth the attentions of the Trinity are they? The real blast from the past in this issue, of course, is Nocturna, one of those bad girls Batman sorta went out with, whom I've never see outside of her Who's Who appearance, I don't think.

5. Badassery
Wonder Woman's just talking in this issue, but she's the resident badass*, trust me. And I love any comic that has Wonder Woman as the badass. Badassery in #6 is instead handled by Hawkman, who here reacts to Gangbuster point to a good running away. That's pretty cold.

And I love Mark Bagley's strong superhero art. And I love how all the titles are pulled from dialogue, often with hilarious results. And I love that I don't have to wait a month for each installment. But that would be 8 Things to Like about Trinity...

*I really need to find out why my spellchecker doesn't recognize the word "badass".


rob! said…
that Killer Moth line is pretty funny. you've gotta figure all the heroes talk like that when they're alone together.
Siskoid said…

I would if I were one.
Anonymous said…
Can't you just add the word "badass" to your dictionary?
Siskoid said…
There's a little bit of Vulcan in you, isn't there, Anonymous?
mwb said…

I think people are harsher than need be on Trinity because of the way Countdown just meandered and fell apart.

So far I'm enjoying and I felt it started to come together well in this issue.
Scipio said…
"1. It reads like the Absorbascon"

LOL; that made me laugh out loud! Then cry a little...
Siskoid said…
Totally meant as a compliment to both the blog and the comic, I assure you.
Austin Gorton said…
I haven't been reading Trinity, but your rumination on applying each component of the "truth, justice and American Way" tryptich to each one of DC's "Big Three" is very intriguing and thought provoking.

Any word on if Trinity will receive the trade treatment? Hopefully before it's completed?

I'd like to check it out at some point, but relish too much the extra three bucks a week in my comics' budget that dropping Countdown afforded me to pick up another weekly so soon.
Siskoid said…
Well, the rumination is all Busiek's, I can't take the credit.

It'll probably go out in trade, since everything does these days. They would be smart not to wait the year before coming out with them though, grabbing new readers mid-year that way.