Spaceknight Saturdays: A Spaceknight Dies!

I am sick as a dog. Caught some kind of oxymoronic summer cold and it is laying waste to my insides. Aches and pains, violent sneezing, feverish nightmares, you name it. But nothing's going to keep me from Spaceknight Saturdays. In fact, am I feeling just a little bit better as a result of opening my slightly water-damaged copy of issue #11? Is it that my suffering pales compared to the existentialist angst of the Spaceknights? Lets not waste this sudden boost of energy...

When we last saw Rom, he had flown to Washington D.C. in search of his Neutralizer, only to be captured by the Wraiths of Project Safeguard, where it takes a giant gun just to keep him down.
That's Sister Sweet giving orders at the bottom, a Dire Wraith who aims to unlock the secrets of Rom's armor so that Wraithkind can one day wear the blasted things and own the power of Galador. But when the Most High One shows up, it looks like there's dissension in the ranks.
Talk back to me, will you?
In an exchange that shows the Most High One really ISN'T a man of few words, we learn that that the Wraiths are really split into factions over using sorcery and this newfangled fad all the kids are into these days, science. I'm also intrigued about the Most High One's identity, because they still refuse to show his face. Is he an actual Marvel character or just bone ugly? Or both?

Disagreements or not, the MHO must be obeyed, which Dr. Daedalus is more than happy to do, starting with Archie "Firefall" Stryker, sill a captive of the Wraiths.
But watch who you're trying to cyber-bacilli!
Man, you really should have started with Rom, cuz this gruesome distraction has given him time to... BREAK FREE!
As Sweet calls in the marines, Rom tries to get at his Neutralizer and send her ass to Limbo, but it's still inside an impenetrable forcefield. In fact, the only way to break through is to empty an entire Spaceknight armor's energy into it, a fatal maneuver. Cue ultimate sacrifice:
Firefall can't catch a break. And after Rom told him he'd bring to Galador for The Operation too (uhm... to restore his humanity, I mean). Sad. Sad and MELODRAMATIC!!!!
Sister Sweet is going to pay... but wait! The marines come in, so Rom can't banish Sweet in front of them without being labelled a murderer by humanity!
She dares him to do it.
Well, you gotta be careful what you ask for, Sweetie.

Oh Rom, how are you going to make friends now? Next issue: A real Marvel superhero shows up! The letters page has been announcing it since #10. Who could it be? The answer will shock and diappoint you! But not until next week...