This Week in Geek (7-13/07/08)


One slightly late birthday gift I got was Extras Season 1 (thanks Carolynn!), which I'll get to under "Accomplishments". DVDs I got for myself include The Unit Season 2 and Batman: Gotham Knight. Oh, and from the bargain bin, Network and Mission Impossible 2 (but I swear, the MI train stops there).

As for trade paperbacks, I finally invested in Jack of Fables (the first three volumes). It's time I read the rest of the story, don't you think?


So Extras... Yeah, great gift. A tad short (6 half-hour episodes), but I enjoyed them thoroughly and found myself laughing frequently. I guess I'm going to have to get the rest of the series now. The DVD also includes a couple of funny making of things and at least one deleted scene for every episode, as well as outtakes, which are basically just Ricky Gervais corpsing something fierce. How his comedy can be based on deadpan delivery and reaction, I'll never know.

Also flipped the tape on The Wire Season 4, "the one that's about education". Adding the school system to bureaucracy-gone-wrong world of the Wire has only added to the show's poignancy, and I think it's heading for a tragic and emotional ending. Cuz yeah, this one's very much to be continued. Half the episodes have good commentary tracks, and there's a one-hour documentary on Baltimore and the show's perspective that's quite good too. I'm loving the hell out of this show.

RPGs: We're about to start a Black Ops/Men in Black/Hong Kong action mini-series that should take my group to the end of the summer. This week was simply making characters. We're using a highly cinematic version of GURPS, with S. John Ross' Badass rules, and a few other tweaks like Cinematic Points and more all-encompassing skills. Each character is a different shade of cool (the martial artist, the psycho, the human computer, and the rookie who will join them (more on him in a couple weeks), and it all starts tomorrow. Expectations are high.

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 24, almost all from the 5th Doctor adventure, Castrovalva.

My Newest Blog
So I decided to expand my blogging adventure to Reality TV. As the banner says, I spend too much time watching that crap without turning it into online snark. Reality TV Bites... Ass! is basically a website for people who like to play Reality Pools, but want to a comedy option that's a little more interesting than simply picking the winner.


De said…
and Mission Impossible 2 (but I swear, the MI train stops there)

Gah. I remember seeing MI2 at the theater and hating it. Maybe I'll give it another try through Netflix but I'm not going to put it at the top of my queue or anything.

MI3 isn't too bad actually. The story is fairly decent and you have Philip Seymour Hoffman playing a psychopath, which makes it worth watching right there (to me anyway).

We're using a highly cinematic version of GURPS, with S. John Ross' Badass rules

My wife is going to kill me for mentioning this, but she used to game with Ross during her days at Mary Washington College.
Siskoid said…
Was it... BADASS?

I really like S.John's stuff. He's written some of my favorite GURPS products.
De said…
She doesn't remember any BADASS rules but she does remember seeing him dressed in nothing but a comforter. I am so dead for typing this.
Siskoid said…
I'm not even sure what that MEANS!
Siskoid said…
Sorry Jack. Don't know what happened there. All better now.