Spaceknight Extra: The Deadly Mittens of Rom

"Kung Fu Week" was all one big pretext to lead up to this: Power Man and Iron Fist #73. As Rom Spaceknight was gearing up to complete its second year, he started making appearances in other Marvel comics, ensuring that no Essential collection would ever be complete (grrr). His first foray outside his own title is a perfectly natural one. Not because the Heroes for Hire have anything in common with him, but because the book's writer, Mary Jo Duffy, had been Rom's original editor. She was giving her baby a little push, so to speak.

[Historical note: This is also the issue from which the famous "SAVE ROM" banner was pulled. Artist: Greg La Rocque.]

In any case, Rom was just going to New York to get a spaceship from the Fantastic Four anyway. But the streets there are as littered with Dire Wraiths in high places as Clairton, VA:
Polly the Hooker was actually a Wraith. And a damn good one according to her pimp's reaction.
Surprise guest-star: Oliver Queen. What's HE doing in a Marvel Comic?
Teaching us how to love up the chicks, is what. Here's a lesson in three panels:
3 out of 4 chicks dig Ollie over Cyclops. It's true!

Hold on. I think I got side-tracked somewhere. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah, the pimp with the heart of gold.
He hires Power Man to bring Rom to justice. As this is still Kung Fu Week, we need Iron Fist as well:
That is one gigantic telephone. Needless to say, when you get that big a call, you take it.

As the Heroes for Hire start their search for Rom (who's out learning Spanish with his trusty Translator), the Wraiths get busy erasing every record of the Spaceknight. And then, the three heroes meet! And since it IS a Marvel comic, they fight.
Rom vs. Iron Fist: Oowww! Yeah. That's right, punk.

Rom vs. Judo Fist?
A little more even.

Rom vs. Luke Cage AKA Power Man?
Ah. I knew something was up - Rom wasn't trying yet. So let's try just a little, shall we?
Cage is bitch slapped so hard, he hides under a car!
"Please. Make the bad silver robot stop hitting me. Pleeeeeeease." Little BITCH. Where's your Bendis now?!

Time to use the power of the Iron Fist then. So what happens when Spaceknight Neutralizer meets Magical Kung Fu Fist?

Is it me, or does Duffy have more respect for her former editing project than her current protagonists?

That's pretty much the fight you wanted to see. The Wraiths show up after that and Luke & Danny see the error of their ways, pledge fealty to the Galadorian and head for the Baxter Building. To be continued on Spaceknight Saturday!!!


De said...

When Danny's phone rings, does it say, "The Living Weapon!"? It's a little difficult to tell from the picture. Regardless, I'll be recording that for my mobile phone's new ringtone.

Sea-of-Green said...

Of course Ollie attracts more women than Cyclops! At least Ollie's been known to SMILE on occasion. ;-)

Yay, Rom!

Siskoid said...

De: If it doesn't, it really should.

Sea: Well, 1 out of 4 women are Jean Gray, a Jean Gray clone or (sometimes) Emma Frost.

CalvinPitt said...

I'm surprised that Rom if can neutralize the Iron Fist, he doesn't more frequently neutralize the heroes' he misunderstanding fights. Like he zaps Wolverine, and suddenly he can't extend his claws or something. Or Colossus can't turn into his metal form.

Also, I had forgotten Cyclops dated Colleen Wing for awhile (I only saw it in a little paperback that collected the X-Men's first encounter with Arcade - oh I love Arcade). I never knew how it ended, but I probably could have guessed, since he did the same thing to Maddy Pryor.

Cyclops: Massive jackass. Or severely whipped.

Siskoid said...

Maybe he can neutralize magical forms of energy, which should counter both Wraiths and the Iron Fist.

Unknown said...

I don't blame ROM for getting mad. I'd be annoyed to if some guy punched me in my rocket pods.

rob! said...

pimps, karate, babes...this is one FUNKY issue.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

after all the shit that ROM has been through, how the hell does a few punches to his rocket pods from Luke Cage damage them?


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