Spaceknight Saturdays: As Advertized - Galactus!

There's a reason Galactus was making special appearances in the SBG this week, and that reason is NOW! I've made no secret of that Galactus rock, and any writer who can't make him rock is a defective, but it is also true to say that I've always maintained that Rom equally rocks. So what happens when these two meet?

Strap yourselves in, because this is a story that just had to be called:
It's a comic that comes with a special editor's warning, and I suppose it's as true of this blog today:
Listen to Stan the Man, and don't fall victim to your own low, jaded expectations.

So as you can see, Galactus' current herald is Terrax the Tamer, a cruel gent who, unlike the Silver Surfer, likes to massacre the population of a world before Galactus sits down to eat it. Hey, to each his or her strategy. While the Spaceknights deal with this threat, the Prime Director, now some kind of oversoul, decides to take the fighting directly to Galactus, deo a deo:
Galactus, who promptly eats him.

Meanwhile, the Spaceknight defense doesn't go all that well as gay role model Rainbow is killed.
With her dying breath, she asks her secret crush, Starshine, to avenge her (unless I'm totally misreading the comic).

Even more meanwhile, while Terminator tries to keep a completely standoffish Galactus busy, Rom breaks into the Devourer of Worlds' giant ship. What he finds inside shocks and amazes him!
Galactus has been using Brainiac's modus operandi all this time, keeping a museum and zoo to commemorate the worlds he's destroyed. How does Rom react to finding these last vestiges of long lost planets?
He loses it and blows them all up! Dude, calm down! There has to be a less genocidal way to attract Galactus' attention. (Maybe calling him a "rapist" again.)

Back on the planet, the Spaceknights are finally turning the tide. Starshine attacks Terrax with her bright eyes!
Javelin throws really sharp pencils at him!
And Hammerhand punches him into submission with his giant cosmic mittens!
And lo, he is defeated. But you know what happens when you pwn a herald of Galactus? It enrages the Big Guy but good.
That's Terminator sacrificing not just his life, but the last remains of Rom's humanity stored within the duplicate armor. But is he really dead? Hammerhand, can you use your giant cosmic mittens to check it out?
I guess he's done. Thanks Hammerhand.

From there, Galactus notices Rom's home invasion, goes back to his ship and finds the place trashed. He's not happy about losing all his collectibles, but Rom proposes a deal.
To be herald for a day and lead Galactus to the Dire Wraith galaxy/nebula/system where he can feast on everything there for all the Spaceknights care. More genocide, Rom? Well, the Wraiths started it. Next issue, we find out if Rom will finish it.

No matter what, he'll eventually have to contend with what's happening on Earth, where the strange mind-controlling fog is revealed to be the work of the Star Disc!!!
Whatever this thing is, it never gives a straight answer, it fogs Steve and Brandy, and it summons Dire Wraiths to take the place of everyone in Clairton!
Oooh, that's not cool. Not cool at all.


The double-sized letters page has a number of things going for it this month, including letters by two different Bill Halls (only one of which must me a Dire Wraith - my guess is it's the one from Weedsport, NY) and one by a Rick Jones who includes his initial so as not to be mistaken for the Hulk's busom buddy. But of more interest is this letter from William "the Vivisectionist" Mydyette of Enfield, CT, who bought a Rom toy and opened him up. Wanna know what he found inside? Read on!
So there you have it: Inside Rom, there's just pure Rom! See you in seven for more Galactus!


De said…
The town of Weedsport, NY, was named for the Weed family, of which my wife is a descendant. Her uncle Carl was a fairly active comic book seller for years before his daughter got married.
Siskoid said…
That settles it, then!
Sea-of-Green said…
AH, I REMEMBER this one! I also remember what happens when Galactus tries to go after the Dire Wraith homeworld. Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee ... ;-)
Siskoid, ROM#26 cover spotted in the latest TRON Lagacy trailer. you can go to my blog for a good still shot of the frame but here is a link to the youtube trailer it's self:
Tazirai said…
Rainbow Survives the beatdown and is in the very next issue.