Spaceknight Saturdays: Hybrid's Baaa-aaack

Previously, on Rom Spaceknight...

The Torpedo found Hybrid - the powerful and evil crossbreed between a Wraith and a human - reforming from his constituent atoms and got trounced. Meanwhile, Rom let some convicts go on the false belief that they were slaves. He then partially prevented the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from escaping prison, and the female members ran to hide in a mansion where Hybrid was now squatting!. All caught up? Ok!

So what can the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants do against Hybrid? Well, let me jump ahead a number of pages to bring you the most honest panel in the comic:
Exactly. Destiny is particularly useless, just as she was in the last issue, having unclear visions of what kinda might happen maybe a split second before it actually does. The gibberish must be really annoying:
As you see, Rogue doesn't fare any better. Hybrid and the Brotherhood have an enemy in common, and that's Rom, so Hybrid manipulates them into forming an alliance and fighting his battles for him. Then, those escaped convicts show up in their snow suits. For Hybrid, it's an opportunity to check if his powers are full up yet.
Spin, convicts, spin! SPIN UNTIL YOU DIE!!!
Though shaken, the Evil Mutants still lay a trap for Rom. And now...

In the first round of speed dating, Rom doesn't do so well, but what's this?
Yes, he's got it. One kiss and Rogue is smitten! Not only that, but she finds she likes decency and goodness!
There you have it, folks: Rom is so The Man that one kiss from him turned Rogue to the Light Side of the Force. You've enjoyed Rogue as an X-Man for years. Now you know who made that possible.

So Rogue turns rogue and joins Rom's fight against Hybrid, and though the other two whine a lot ("but we're eeeeeevil!!!"), they have to help too. There's a lot of "obscene touching" from Hybrid before he takes over Rom's circuits with his telekinesis and tries to aim the neutralizer in the wrong direction.
It's only thanks to Rogue, who braves the gross touch of the creature, that we're spared another issue in Limbo. She drains enough of his power for Rom to regain control and shoot the mother-%$&#ing monster in the face!
Until Hybrid "is no more". Well, he's come back from being no more before, so I'm not that worried.

So can Rom and Rogue see each other? Surrogate mom Mystique says NO. "Aww mom, you never let me see the boys I like. I'm leavin' you for the X-Men!"


Delta said…
I'm guessing this was Rogue's first kiss in published Marvel comics? The fact it was with Rom is so awesome I'm delirious.
Anonymous said…
Since when did Mystique have telepathic powers? It's clear she has them in this issue. LOL.