5 Things to Like About the Trinity's Alternate Reality

I think I might have mentioned before that I was a fan of the under-appreciated weekly Trinity comic. In fact, I consider it more Crisis-y than Final Crisis. For the past few weeks, the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman haven't even been in it. We've been visiting a rather well-designed "what if" style parallel world where they never existed. Here, the mystery men of yore never went into hiding, but rather revealed their identities to the government and became organized as a slightly fascist force for law (if not justice). In essence, it became the post-Civil War Marvel Universe ;-).

Firestorm is the only hero who remembers and he flies around the place trying to jog other people's memories. In other words, this Earth's days are numbered. Still, it's really nice to spend this much time in an "Elseworld" and allow it to develop. Here are some of my favorite bits:

1. John Stewart's kidsHal and Guy? That's HIGHlarious! Like many other heroes, John never became a superhero in the alternate universe, tough as Firestorm's prime recruit, he's going to have to make a terrible choice: His family or putting the universe to rights.

2. Ragman and Raggedy Andy (not his real codename)
Though the alt-universe originally had Green Arrow as Gotham's rogue hero (the similarites with Batman were hardwired into the character's very design), as reality keeps shifting, Ragman takes on the role. I have great affecting for the Patch Symbol.

3. The Justice Society's HQ
In a world where superheroes and their high tech were nationalized, the JSA has this crazy addition to the U.N. building. In plain sight and sporting a futuristic architecture.

4. Tomorrow Woman
If Ragman took the place of Batman, it's Tomorrow Woman who's in Superman's boots. The universe is really trying to plug the holes in reality, giving her a secret identity that works in the media and keeps scooping Lois Lane. Is she one of T.O. Morrow's androids in this universe too? I'd rather have her over Red Tornado any day.

5. The Justice League Underground
Any Justice League roster that includes Black Orchid, Space Ranger and, yes, Vibe, is all right with me. And with the Absorbascon, I wager.


rob! said...


Siskoid said...

It makes sense actually.

The original Justice League put him in a position where he could die, and that was never founded without the Trinity.

Or maybe the implication is that Batman's leadership got him killed.

SallyP said...

Trinity has been a heck of a lot more entertaining than I initially anticipated. Good silly fun.

Sea-of-Green said...

Hal and Guy?!?! HA!

Anonymous said...

with that huppe, the building looks more like the Saint-Hubert HQ.

Unknown said...

I'd buy a book starring the Justice League Underground.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy "Luthor as hero" stories - and in a world without Superman, that's probably what Luthor is!

Though if I were doing it, I'd add one additional gag, making Luthor's power armor red and blue. (The primary reason so many villains have purple/green color schemes is that they want visual contrast with the heroes, who tend to have already "taken" red and blue. But in this case, that color scheme is available for Lex, so.... :) )

Siskoid said...

Sue, that's an insightful comment!

Scipio said...

Vibe is like Jesus.

He's just alright with me.
He's just alright, oh yeah.


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