Siskoid's Blog of Geekery Year 2

And that's another one done! Two years, 731 days, 1577 posts, and a third year begins!

Year 2 Highlights
-Finished reviewing televised Star Trek, leaving a huge gap in my daily routine. I might actually start dating again. (I'm kidding. Sorry girls.)
-Started Spaceknight Saturdays to give Rom the love he deserves.
-Among my very favorite posts are those on the Bubble World and Continuity Bottle theories. I really need to complete my thoughts on that stuff.
-5 Things to Like About: A nice little format for throwing praise at newer comics, especially since the SBG is usually more concerned with older stuff.
-Ambush Bug returned, a perfect excuse to post my favorite bits.
-Dinosaur Week, because, well, dinosaurs! Of all the special weeks featured on the SBG (encyclopedias, crossovers, Aquaman, weddings, swamp monsters, Legion try-outs, Bizarro, etc.), this is the one most deserving of becoming an annual event.

So What's Next?
Year 3 should see the end of Spaceknight Saturdays (just!), but there's plenty of vintage un-republishable material out there. Micronauts? Master of Kung Fu? Lots to keep me busy.

I certainly want to do more articles about comics theory and movie essays like the one on Dr. Strangelove and The Dark Knight, but as usual, I hope to also cover the gamut, from comics to games to toys to music to Doctor Who.

In the tradition of some grand gesture, however, I've decided to retire my avatar. The "prohibiting kazoo"'s time is done, at least on the blog. Instead, I introduce an actual Siskoid - a Sisko that is a little off-model, in this case a full Prophet, an thus an "-oid". Hope you'll still recognize me when I drop by your space!


Nik said...

Congrats to one of my favorite regular blogs to read! Always good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I live for Spaceknight Saturdays!

De said...

Year 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Is that an actual picture of you?

The Mutt said...

Congrats and many thanks, especially for the Star Trek reviews. I read all of those Gold Key Comics as a kid, but I haven't seen them sense.

Your love for Rom mystifies me, but I would totally groove on some MOKF Mondays.

Here's to another year, hopefully with more dinosaurs, more Ambush Bug and a liberal dose of Herbie Popnecker.

Siskoid said...

De: Partly.

Mutt: Maybe I identify with the big silver lug. Too tall, keeps his fleshy bits in a jar, denies himself the love of the ladies who swoon around him... That's totally me.

Oh and naladahc lives for Spaceknight Saturdays, and I'm afraid of what could happen if I stop.

Austin Gorton said...

Congrats! The consistency of your content (both in terms of quality and frequency) makes the blogger in me marvel with envy and the reader in me happy.

Keep on keeping on!

PS I wouldn't mind a return to the page-at-a-time mocking of Batman and the Outsiders. Your take on that was comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Well done my friend!

Two years done!

And thanks for the nice collaborations with The Sniper Ninja Bears webcomic. Your guest strips are some of my favorits.


Anonymous said...

What to do with your free time? World of Warcrap: wrath of the kitch ling! Addiction level: killed my graphics card. Really.

Siskoid said...

Teebore: Return of the abandonned features month?

Bass: I know I had an idea for a third one... if I can find it again.

Mike: My video card fried by itself and now the new card is frying my power supply. I may be due for a big change.

rob! said...


the every-episode-of-Trek thing was a huge undertaking, and is direct inspiration for my next blogging endeavor. well done.

Siskoid said...

Which one? You already have 18 blogs, is it the MASH one?

Martin Léger said...

Congrats on year 2!

Mine has gone down, but I plan to bring it at full force after exams!

Sea-of-Green said...

Micronauts! Micronauts! Micronauts!

H said...

Congrats! And kudos for the Blue Oyster Cult reference.


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