This Week in Geek (1-7/12/08)


Well, the big buy this week is the Doctor Who 4th Series DVD boxed set. I'm definitely going to have a Doctor Who Christmas between this, Sarah Jane 1 and Torchwood 2 (plus whatever classic Who I can put under my belt and, of course, the new Christmas special).

On the side, got the Batman: The Black Glove hardcover. I somehow missed the Club of Heroes story the first time around. Too bad I had to buy the Tony Daniel issues again though...


First of all, points to Star Trek posts ---->

DVDs: Flipped the second season of Six Feet Under, and though the quality remains high, it's a really, really depressing season. Hey, you've got to see the bottom before you can come back up, right? The boxed set includes 5 commentary tracks and a 20-minute featurette on the making of those wonderful corpses.


Improv: I had a big week! My improv troupe went on its first true-blue tour, giving 9 shows in 4 days, mostly for high schools. Our thing is improvising one-act plays based on whatever styles, sets and sometimes even costumes provided by drama classes. So 9 shows, 9 original plays. Any of them geeky? Well, there was a really sad one in the style of Tim Burton about an animated black and white toy store that ends with the crabby owner's death, but not before he discovers color and music. It was quite wonderful, and our first use of stage make-up, quickly applied in the minutes before the show. My next favorite was a prison-bound musical in which I violently died (for some reason, played a villain 5 times and died twice). There was a western, a reality show, a stately soap opera and a ridiculous police comedy. It was fun, but I'm still happy to be home!

Someone Else's Post of the Week
Lots of Secret Invasion commentary this week, all of it pretty much approving my decision to stop reading around #3 or 4. The most entertaining for my time and money is Chris Sims' Secret Invasion in 30 Seconds. Matches my opinion pretty closely.