Spaceknight Saturdays: Stairway to Heaven



The Dire Wraiths, I mean.

I confess that I'm a little eager for the "Earth is aligned with the Dark Nebula so let's turn the children into Wraith pawns" storyline that's been going on for the better part of the last 6 issues. but it looks like things are finally coming to a head.

I'm not saying that because I'd like more variety. I'm saying it for Rom. This thing has really taken its toll on the poor Spaceknight.
Well, the kids thing AND the fact he can never have Brandy Clarke (more on her at the end of this post, Brandy fans - mmm, brandy, that would hit the spot, be right back... ok, hi again). Rom desperate needs to get some, cuz he guy is getting suicidal.
Oh ouch. Trying to kill yourself is bad enough (don't do it, kids, it's not worth it), but botching it? That's even worse. You know, the only reason I find the attempt acceptable here is that Rom is a tragic hero in the classical sense. A Chorus, hubris, gouging out your eyes with your mum/wife's broach, Tragedy with a capital T, y'know? Or to our modern ears: A drama queen.

One thing still manages to snap our boy out of it, and that's the sweet, sweet voice of Julie Andrews.
Or Lez Zeppelin. Whichever. The piper, in this case, isn't the devil, but might as well be. He's a Dire Wraith who's taken on the form of the Pied Piper of Hamlin to pipe children out of their beds and into a massive wormhole!
He doesn't mean to send them to the Dark Nebula, but rather to free the demonic embodiement of the Wraith Sun itself, a creature quite able to turn the kids into a Wraith pawn army. And it's really ugly too. Consider it Bonus Nightmare Fuel for the week.
So after zapping the Piper but good, Rom throws himself at the demon and into the hole. That's where it gets a bit... squishy.
Will he finally put an end to this godforsaken plot?

Meanwhile, back in Clairton, there's another Dire Wraith playing dress-up. Yep, supervillain Dr. Dredd is in actuality in Wraith Warlock. Why the disguise that isn't really a disguise? Who knows? And what's he doing with naked Brandy there?
He's gonna make her do the beast with two backs with the Starshine armor while her paralyzed fiancé watches!
Bill Mantlo, I didn't know you were this dirty-minded! Of course, if I was Dr. Dredd, what I would do is, first not be Dr. Dredd, and second, steal the armor and put it on somebody evil. But maybe Brandy's desire is part of the spell or something, and once she's in the suit, she's perfectly under his control. As the Torpedo soon learns! So he's out and Rom is overseas AND overgalaxies. What's next?

I so love that title.



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