Spaceknight Saturdays: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

It's a big "from this moment forth" issue for Rom Spaceknight. Will he become Dark Rom? 90s Rom? Will he start wearing epaulets and thigh belts and bandoleers? Maybe a bandanna? Follow me to the other side of the Atlantic for Rom's European adventure, and find out!

As our boy Rom leaves Namor, Atlantis, and its new oracle, Sybil, behind, he detects another sentient life-form... whales! So he spends a little time with them, learns their language, hears their sad stories (it's all very Star Trek IV), and wonders who defends these might creatures from the Dire Wraiths. That's a missed opportunity to be sure: WraithWhale! But no, Rom's greatest enemy in this sequence is actually Bad Spelling:
Translator on the blink, Rom? Leaving the whales behind, he reaches Wales (oh, I just that! Mantlo, you scamp!) where a young boy has been left on a scarecrow's frame, a sacrifice to the Wraith Witch.
Once again, they've taken over a rural village and are stealing its children. Mind you, Sal Buscema seems to think Wales is a Balkan country or something:
I've seen all of new Doctor Who and Torchwood, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually look like Latveria. In any case, Rom soon finds out why the Wraiths have been kidnapping children.
Seems like Earth is perfectly aligned with the Dark Nebula, making their spells more potent than ever. So the Witches are all scrambling to perform their best rituals, one of which is turning Earth's children into a vast Wraith army we dare not shoot at. After revealing her plan, the Witch teleports away, leaving her doughy stooges to take care of Rom. While some of them take the Welsh boy into a warp hole, the others make a dreadful mistake.
You think you're safe because Rom has lost his Neutralizer? Well, at first they are, because he goes a little crazy trying to dig his way though spacetime.
But he doesn't take failure well. He goes hand to hand.
Harsh! Though Rom has killed inadvertently in the past (fighting filthy Skrulls on Xandar comes to mind), this is a lot more visceral. It's with his bare hands. And there's a lot of damage you can inflict with simple, old-fashioned super-strength
Remorse? Not our boy. Not now anyway. No, the adrenaline surge causes him to imagine himself as a (Welsh) knight in shining armor. Look at that hero shot.
Also following the theme of transformation, we follow Brandy to Starshine's grave...
The ghost of Starshine imprints itself on her and gives her light-based powers. Will Brandy join the fight against the Wraiths? Will Rom be able to have a relationship with her now that she's two of his girlfriends in one? Or does she need to steal the soul of Ray-Na as well? (Collect them all!) The only way to find out is to read on...


Anonymous said...

Nice. In compliance with Internet law, you criticize Rom's spelling and then commit a typo of your own: "Waith".

Siskoid said...

I felt forced to rectify the matter.

That's what's nice about a blog. You can go back and fix it. Published comics are forever.


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