This Week in Geek (5-11/01/09)


Friend Carolynn gave me some belated Christmas gifts (I'm still giving them out myself) in the form of the DVD Be Kind Rewind, the unlikely perfect storm that's obtained when you put Michel Gondry, Jack Black and Mos Def together, and William Shatner's autobiography Up Till Now. I've read both Star Trek Memories volumes, so I guess this is the rest. A joke gift, but of course, I'm all about the Shat. And it's apparently ghost written by Six Feet Under character David Fisher! (Ok, maybe it's just a coincidence.) Hope Caro enjoys her new Michael Chabon novels.

Bought for myself... Well, having gone through more than half my unwatched Doctor Who DVDs, I had to get more. Remember: It's a Doctor Who Christmas! So just out for Region 1: The War Machines (1st Doctor vs big rolling boxes) and Four to Doomsday (the one in which the 5th Doctor throws a cricket ball in space). Tangentially, I also got the complete season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Billie Piper's erotic comedy. I liked the episodes I saw, so it's not just for nudie Billie. And a random splurge: A toy replica of the Time Lord fobwatch from Human Nature. I really needed a working clock for my work table and it is that. But given everything you know about me from this blog, did I really need a reason?


Back to work, so not as big a week as the last couple. I flipped the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Five Doctors, itself a 20th Anniversary story of Doctor Who. The DVD contains both the original 1983 broadcast AND the 1995 Special Edition which I already had. It was the very first Doctor Who DVD out in North America and pretty bare bones except for a commentary track (again included). This new package is infinitely superior. The original broadcast has a couple of dodgy effects, but is in most ways superior to the sluggish George Lucas-sized SE. A great new commentary track was produced for the OB and the two versions have different production note subtitles. Plus lots of publicity material from various BBC programs of the time, a couple documentary features (2 more Doctors get in on the fun by hosting them), outtakes, raw studio footage, and most excitingly, an easter egg commentary by David Tennant, Phil Collinson and Helen Rayner of the new series. Very special, all of it, and the story, though just a series of set pieces, still holds up well. (Spoiler: Troughton steals every scene.)

One reason for such a small week is that one of my roommates spent his Christmas bonus on both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band II. So you can well imagine. My band in the first game is called TARDIS Blues, and OUR band in the second is Torchwood. Our lead singer is a very good likeness of Gwen Cooper. I play Captain Jack. Had I known there was a "Doctor What" costume in the Store, I might have gone a different way, but TW ROCKS!

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 24, all from The Stolen Earth/Journey's End. If you haven't seen the end of the last Series, expect spoilers.

Someone Else's Post of the Week
I love laughing at the Big Two's editors in chief as much as the next guy, and the next guy happens to be Snell at Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep. Swamp Thing fans, despair!


Anonymous said...

Whoo! You like my gifts! And I love my Chabon novels ... of course


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