Reduced to Ranting

I want to be a citizen again, not just a tax payer!I want to be a person and not a consumer!
I want to do my part for society, not for the economy!
I want a government that doesn't think of itself as a business!
I want good and productive people to be rewarded with financing, not tax credits!
Why has my relationship to the State been reduced to paying taxes?
By changing the words, they've reduced us to passive bank accounts. Pay your share, don't do your share.
I want the real words back.
All head shots accompanying this rant from Hergé's Les Cigares du Pharaon.


Anonymous said…
Tax season blues, old pal?

This year, it's accompanied by other conditions:
-RRSP shrinkage
-UIC-itis (acute)
-creditphobia, and

Tough times for all.
Siskoid said…
Actually, no. It has nothing to do with filing taxes.

Which I guess is my point.
Siskoid said…
Also... Tintin head shots.

Can't get enough of them.
Trish said…
> Pay your share, don't do your share.

Have you noticed that many charities only want your money and not your time? My time is much more valuable and if I choose to donate that it's not to get a tax break at the end of the year.
Siskoid said…
Exactly. I'm big on volunteering, and this despite it not "paying".