Spaceknight Saturdays: Duel in a Deranged Dimension

So as the "Earth is aligned with Wraith World so let's use our magicks to corrupt all of Earth's children and kittens" (hopefully) wraps up, Doctor Strange sits quietly meditating in his Sanctum Sanctorum (that's his "house", to you and me), he gets a vision of something happening in a DERANGED DIMENSION (all caps to be read with Vincent Price's voice, liberally followed by spooky laugh).

Yes, last issue, Rom jumped into that DERANGED DIMENSION to stop a Dark Nebula demon from entering our world and taking over our kids. (It was 1983, were you at risk? I think I was.) So what does it look like? DERANGED!!!
But not quite as deranged as Dr. Strange with his third eye.
Maybe I'm just squeamish about eyes. Doc Strange follows Rom to help him (maybe he wants to replace the Silver Surfer in the Defenders), but he stopped by the LIVING TRIBUNAL. Seems like good is doing a little too well these days, and the balance must be kept! It's hard to argue with a guy who has three votes.
Now, the Tribunal does none of the actual fighting. He calls up his agent of neutrality, the IN-BETWEENER, who's a cross between your tai-kwon-do instructor and that guy who's half-white and half-black on that episode of Star Trek.
Meanwhile for Rom, things get a lot more deranged...
Especially when the demon becomes the Galadorian equivalent of the Child Jesus. Will Rom actually KNEEL?? (Are you still doing that Vincent Price thing? I think it's safe to stop now.)
Dr. Strange gets wise to what's happening so lets the In-Betweener get a free shot while he zaps Rom back to his sense.
With Strange adrift in the deranged dimension like some dead dish, it's up to Rom (once he's Limbo-ized the demon) to convince the Tribunal that he's there to restore another balance - Wraith versus humanity.
Sayeth the Living Tribunal: "Yeah, mmmokay... I'll buy it... THIS time!"

She's been turned into Starshine. What does her fiancé think?
He can't get her naked encounter with a female starknight out of his mind! (Naturally.)

What does the Torpedo think? He's just been handed his ass twice by a rookie Starshine controlled by a Wraith in a purple supervillain suit. Who cares what he thinks?

What does Rom think? He doesn't know yet.
But he WILL!!! (Vincent Price may apply once more.)