Star Trek 788: Spore of the Devil

788. Spore of the Devil

PUBLICATION: Star Trek #57, Gold Key Comics, November 1978

CREATORS: Arnold Drake (writer), Alden McWilliams (artist)

STARDATE: 19:29:51 - Follows issue #55.

PLOT: The Enterprise visits a planet of knights and chivalry where a tyrannical emperor has just taken over with the help of a mysterious wizard. Though guests, Kirk and crew quickly turn against the emperor after he condemns to death his friend for having fallen in love with his fiancée. Following readings of the wizard from his tricorder, Spock finds him to be a lizard-like alien who crash-landed years ago and felt driven by some programmed impulse to impose progress, first social then technological, on this planet (as he reveals in a handy Powerpoint presentation). Though he tries to attack the landing party, he has a debilitating seizure and Kirk makes a deal with him: They'll help him find the source of his seizures if he helps free the young man in love. While Kirk buys time replacing the kid jousting monsters in the arena, Spock finds the original crash site and some gear that is supposed to beam pain into the alien if he starts making changes for the wrong reasons, This is all explained to the emperor who happily foregoes the wizard's counsel.



PANEL OF THE DAY - Cuz Scotty is FAT!
REVIEW: Yet another planet based on Earth's past, and despite their low level of technology, they have contact with the Federation. Only one of many plot holes in this one - the landing party wonders how an alien can make himself look like the natives when they themselves look just like them, multiple changes of personality, and more. The jousting isn't too bad and a lot of stuff happens to distract you. Slash fic fans will enjoy shirtless Spock and Kirk wanting to leave the minute the dancing girls come out.


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Anonymous said…
I have a theory for why Scotty thinks he's overweight:He has low self esteem because of all those relationships that ended poorly due to otherworldly beings.

As to why Kirk agrees to him involves another hypothesis of mine: Kirk is an enabler! Look at how whatever instigates those arguments between Bones and Spock is always related to something Kirk did or said.