Star Trek 789: Brain-Damaged Planet

789. Brain-Damaged Planet

PUBLICATION: Star Trek #58, Gold Key Comics, December 1978

CREATORS: George Kashdan (writer), Alden McWilliams (artist)

STARDATE: 3315.5 - Follows the last issue.

PLOT: The Enterprise visits a planet where the inhabitants sporadically become violent for no reason. When a geologist tastes the soil, he also becomes affected. Upon further research, the crew finds that the planet has a giant brain which affected by a giant, wig-like virus, causing the insanity. They visit the planet's core, are attacked by both anti-bodies and viruses, and cure the illness from there, though not before the geologist is killed.

CONTINUITY: For the first time in the comics, McCoy says "I'm a doctor, not a..." (short order cook). The Prime Directive is invoked and hotly debated (for the comics anyway), and there's a prime example of justify any action even if it countermands general order #1.

DIVERGENCES: None (except from common sense).

PANEL OF THE DAY - Revenge of the Killer Tribbles
REVIEW: Is it me or are the titles becoming more stupid? Wait. Never mind the title. How about that story? A planet (though it's called an asteroid in the script) with a giant brain. What. The. Hell. Among the dumbest science fantasy on show in the Gold Key series, though debates about the Prime Directive lasting longer than a single panel are of course welcome.


De said…
Just a few more Gold Keys left, Siskoid. You can do it!

I'm reading through the 1980's Marvel run now and it's not nearly as bad as I remembered.
Siskoid said…
Good to know. I've heard only bad things.
hiikeeba said…
C'mon! Space gnomes? Pharoah Kirk? The Loch Ness Monster? All of these showed up in the 80s Marvel run. Almost as bad as the Gold Key run.
Siskoid said…
Hahaha. Well, I'll soon see.
De said…
I've read up to issue 11 and so far, no gnomes or Loch Ness Monster. The Marvel run must be saving the good stuff for last.
Siskoid said…
Just from the covers, that might well be!