This Week in Geek (9-15/02/09)


On the DVD front, I got me John Woo's Hard Boiled because I want to get more Hong Kong cinema in my collection, but the real excitement in the apartment was caused by the arrival of two Mego-style 12"-inch Doctor Who-related dolls:They are gorgeous. And I got them at a discount. And I can tell I'm just gonna be building a whole collection of these. There goes my paychecks.


Trades: Read Jack of Fables vol.4, Americana. Still an excellent side-trip from Fables proper, and a lot more comedic. Jack's adventures through the American spectrum of the Fable Homelands covers a lot of new ground too. I don't see why Fables needs to keep going after it wraps up its big story, not with Jack still running around. Of course, I'm not even at that point yet, since I'm only following Fables and Jack through trades. It's what I do with series that are really nice to lend to friends.

DVDs: Flipped episodes 1 through 4 of Trial of a Time Lord, dubbed The Mysterious Planet. It's stuff that never aired on my channels, so this is my first look at this season. Great opening shot (that's where all the money went for the year), the last Robert Holmes script has its moments even if it's one of his lesser pieces, and it's great to see the Doctor and Peri GETTING ALONG (glad it's not just in the novels and audios that they can do that). The Trial stuff isn't too intrusive, though it does make too many double-entendres (don't point out that a scene is tedious unless you're ready for the audience to agree with you). And yes, I know it's all downhill from here. In addition to the usual extras, this one also has some deleted scenes, music videos using the terrible new theme tune (but also the quite nice Trial theme), features pulled from other programs like Wogan and the ubiquitous Blue Peter, and a ton of trailers and continuity bits that feature programs from that time... Doctor Who was the least of the BBC's problems, let me tell you.

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 15, all from The Space Pirates, which is enough considering that there's only one out of the six episodes still among the living.

Someone Else's Post of the Week
Sea of Green knows how to get herself on my Post of the Week. BEST. DALEK STORY EVER. Check out Why some alarm clocks are or aren't good.


Bill D. said...

Watched a bit of the first Trial disc this week, too. Still love the opening shot of the space station... easily the best FX shot in all of classic Who. And I'm very glad that the deleted scenes stayed deleted. They added nothing to the story, and gave us still more Doctor/Peri bitchiness, which as you said, is a real treat to be without.

Colin said...

Your first time watching Trial? Good luck.

*insert "Cool" smiley here*

Siskoid said...

I dunno, Bill, I kind of liked some of the deleted court scenes better than the scenes that stayed in!


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