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I just realized my stack of unread comics has reached the 80 mark... and by that I mean my "priority" stack, as there are others I've put aside for a later date because of length, or that are so late, I consider them back issues already. So I thought I'd motivate myself with a little experiment. I'm going to "live blog" my reading experience, updating this here post throughout the day as I take what will hopefully be major inchage off that pile. My unrealistic target is 50 comics in one day. Can I make it?

First blood...
Tiny Titans #13: A quickie but a goodie. The only Titans book I read. Wow, is Dan Didio really friends with Alfred? How many comics these days still give you pin-ups?

Supergirl: Cosmic Adentures in the 8th Grade #3: Another charming romp that combines Smallville's kryptonite-induced powers with red kryptonite's silver age effects (Supergirl imagines herself turned to cheese: "I'm too delicious to live!"). Walker ends with a Geoff Johns-like promise of future storylines - Is that Streaky?Action Comics #874: Pablo Raimondi's art is the least attractive we've seen on a Superman book in a while. Zod sure knows something about spin. All Kryptonians banned except Superman? What about Supergirl? Origins & Omens this issue has nice Science Police on Giant Teddy Bear action, but short on the origins.

Supergirl #38: When Supergirl was properly integrated into the Superman books, it suddenly became interesting. Piggybacking on the New Krypton stuff and using various parts of the Superman supporting cast (Lucy, Lana and Cat specifically) has provided good story fuel. Revelations about Superwoman forthcoming, I'm certainly interested. These Origins & Omens should really be called Recaps and Maybe If You're Lucky, a Tease About a Forthcoming Issue.

Superman #685: Hey, they forgot the handy triangle number! Is "something wrong with tomorrow" because Mon-El's out of the Phantom Zone, or because of Legion of 3 Worlds? James Robinson knows how to write Superman, sheesh, his departure from Earth was actually touching. To make Superman work, it has to be about self-sacrifice - his own, and that of his friends - well done, sir. Nice O&O - Mon-El's human name, he has an accent, great Robinson touches. Ooh, more Atlas to come.

Superman: World of New Krypton #1: Nice! Here we were, condemning the Superman Leaves Earth storyline as something we'd seen before (after Invasion), but no, it's much more interesting. He moves to New Krypton, where the story becomes a lot more political. Can he bring some good ol' "American Way" to the Kryptonians? He's already started by not choosing a "guild". By the way, I love how the various renditions of Krypton live on in those castes. The artists look just like the Silver Age Jor-El!And hey! More Kryptonian dogs!

Batman #686: Wow. In trying to out-Moore Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman actually out-Morrisons Grant Morrison. This postmodern gem of a tale does some of the things Batman RIP tried to do but failed, and not just because Andy Kubert's art is actually up to par with creating a viable homage to the character's longevity. At Batman's funeral, set in a timeless version of Crime's Alley, eulogies give us different versions of the legend, and of the Caped Crusader's death, all of them perfectly brilliant in their ways. I'll have to do a 5 Reasons to Like... on this one. Maybe after I read Part 2.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #9: Why isn't Kelly Jones on a regular Bat-title? WHYYYYYYYYYYY???

Air #6: I'm liking this, though I don't expect it to be the next Fables or 100 Bullets or anything. I'm just interested in maps and imaginary spaces. So THAT'S what happened to Amelia Earhart?
Makes more sense than that Voyager episode.

Amazing Spider-Man #587: Guggenheim's politics aside, I do enjoy the Spider-Man reboot quite a lot. It's fun, it's got nice art and good jokes, plenty of threads to follow (which works well in an almost-weekly format). Spidey goes to court, Matt Murdock is a legal badass, John Romita Jr. rules.

Amazing Spider-Man Extra! #2: I probably should have read this a while ago. I just don't know why we need Spider Annuals and Extras and Family with a thrice-monthly Amazing Spider-Man. It's not only confusing (one of them had a spoilery story that fit in ASM #587), it's not necessary. Anyway... Holy crap! Mr. Negative has a secret identity? Nice Anti-Venom story. In the second story, Wolverine and Spider-Man go out for a drink, and it's one of the best Wolverine in a bar stories I've read. And I've read more than a few.

Green Lantern #38: Everyone wants Hal Jordan in their Corps! Three down... I love where this is all heading, and while the Origins and Omens is on the incoherent side, it does show a bit of that.

Green Lantern Corps #33: Kyle gets a taste of ring-enhanced love!I like where his story's going: Romantic fool and muralist. Other nice stuff: The psychic Lantern riding the Anti-Monitor's glove. Does Steve Buscemi know he's been palindromed into a GL villain? And Mongol tries to rebuild the Sinestro Corps (will he change the name?).

Ok, need to make lunch... back in no more than an hour.

And back.
Immortal Iron Fist #22: The Living Weapons have found the 8th City and it's a Hell where they have to fight without rest. Man, it's like Matt Fraction never left the book.

Invincible Iron Man #10: Speaking of Fraction... I love his take on Iron Man (the perfect merging of James Bond and Q) and he's making this Dark Reign crap worthwhile, so long as I understand it to be an Iron Man story. I don't know why I wasn't expecting this:But I wasn't. Coolness.

Mighty Avengers #22: Dan Slott's Avengers I like. I'm hoping he redeems Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, the whole lot of them.

Secret Warriors #2: Nick Fury - Agent of Nothing. I liked the first issue, and I liked this one. I'm counting on Hickman to make the prophecies happen, because Bendis is notorious for forgetting his own continuity. Hydra's got a nice table, but is it practical?Anyway, it's Baron Strucker's show this time around. More Nick Fury badassery next month please!

Secret Six #6: Deadshot betrays the team? Hell yeah! He's the biggest reason I read this title. (And maybe Cat-Man a little.)

G.I. Joe #2: IDW's G.I. Joe reboot could be a lot of fun. Finally, we get some Baroness and Destro action, as Cobra (whose existence has yet to be confirmed) sends a Trojan Horse in G.I. Joe's CTU base.

Haunted Tank #3: My favorite new DC war comic, I'm glad there's a little less racial tension this issue and more of everything else. It's funny, and though the ghost of Jeb Stewart does more than give his descendant advice, the tank battles still feel like Kanigher crazyness. Too bad it's a mini-series.

Brave and the Bold #21: The story that doesn't end. We're really in a rough patch since Mark Waid left. Even if the art is pretty, and the alien culture presented was interesting, I'm feeling completely disconnected from the GL-GA-Phantom Stranger team-up.It's not that bad, but I wish they'd told in half as many issues.

Brave and the Bold #22: And it doesn't help that Hal Jordan gets possessed by yet another violent entity (he should charge rent). Nor that the story is essentially about characters we'll never see again and hardly care about. Green Arrow does well though. Anyway, it's finally over. JMS takes over next issue and starts introducing the Archie heroes to the DCU. I have no great love for the man's comics, but I'm at least interested (and the H Dial is on the next cover - squeeeeeeeeeeee!).

Captain Britain and MI13 #10: Dracula on the moon firing vampires at Earth. What more do you need to know to realize Captain Britain is one of Marvel's best comics?

Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil #2: Part of the Marvel Adventures, all-ages, line, even if it doesn't say so. I like to see Marvel's most evil villains as humorous protagonists. And the Circus of Crime? Paul Tobin's love of comics shines through.

With this comic I'm halfway to my target, and my eyes are getting tired. Maybe a half hour break?

...Ok, enough of that resting thing.
Frank Castle - Punisher #67: Or whatever you want the title of that series to be. You know, Ennis & Dillon's recent War Journal gave me a craving for more Punisher, and what's surprising is that he's not a character I enjoy. But when I take every story arc as a little 80s-style action movie, I quite enjoy it. Frank's been injected with a toxin and has 6 hours to live, so he rides around Philly taking as many perps down with him he can. Caurse fun. And great cover!

Wonder Woman #28: The armored Wonder Women and their Gorilla Knights versus a New God with the magic lasso tressed inside her. It's like Captain Britain in its golden premise. Plus: Red Tornado all broken to hell (I can't get enough of THAT). But the real danger is with Cheetah and Dr. Psycho.

Wonder Woman #29: Yeah baby yeah. Wonder Woman is cool, but I'm also liking the Zeus subplot in which he creates the Manazons by raising Greek heroes from the dead and sending them to fight battleships, and then fighting other gods up in heaven.

Booster Gold #17: I can't say this series is as good without Geoff Johns, but it's got its good bits. Humiliating Chronos, especially. The Origins & Omens feature is pretty dull however.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3: Right away, it's like George Perez' Who's Who covers again.The entire comic is one humonguous battle. Oh, and the Legionnaires go back to the day Lex Luthor started losing his hair (but why?). How Supergirl could be a member of one Legion, but Superman-as-a-boy be a member of another. How XS of the Flash family fits into the picture. Earth-247 (heh). And some Legionnaires do die... as the last hurrah for at least two Legions continues... but not quickly enough!

Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery: A nice little story helped along by the expressive art by Ben Templesmith. It's about a planet where people repress their emotions, but for more than the usual reasons. The metaphor is about facing your emotions lest they cripple you, and there are affecting moments for both the Doctor and Martha. Hey, when are they going to do Donna Noble stories?

Black Lightning Year One #4: Though I miss the old version of Tobias Whale, and I'm not sure what Talia al Ghul is doing there, I really dig this series. It joins Teen Titans and Huntress as the third Year One I would have kept reading as a monthly series. I have to say the 100's new backstory is pretty epic!

Faces of Evil: Kobra #1: There's a new Kobra, and he aims to work his evil from behind the scenes. A jihad against the heroes. It's interesting, and I kinda hope it has an impact on various titles through 2009. Needlessly violent though.

Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1: When the Martian Manhunter died, it freed this Morrison JLA villain. And aside from a crazy costume, he had potential. Not really showing that potential by kicking the Blood Pack's asses though. Hey, how many times has Anima been killed in the last couple years?She'll be back.

Ok, time for some dinner... but I'm not dead yet!

Ok, had dinner, so I'm ready to tackle one series I've really late with. It's not even two months, but Trinity tends to stack up.
Trinity #34: I was hoping they had a checklist of which heroes were which Tarot arcana.Not bad. Especially since they don't have any Green Lanterns to put in the Chariot spot (I know my tarot - he's a better fit than the Flash). Also: The legend of Superman's resurrection (I like these things).

Trinity #35: Ooh ooh, the dark arcana:I like Enigma's origin story, nice juicy details on other Earth-3 characters... Holy crap! Lois has summoned the Trinity!

Trinity #36: Is this what they call the "never ending battle"?

Trinity #37: Mr. Nobody makes a cameo! And the bad guys recruit a super-Fool, the Joker! But what about that cliffhanger from #35?

Trinity #38: Ah, there we go. So by remembering them, the supporting cast brings the Trinity down from the mountain... damn another cliffhanger. In the B-story, the Space Ranger's identity is revealed as... :-O

Trinity #39: Xor is looking cool. It's the final battle (yes, more battle), and the three original JSAers is starting to realize they weren't the three to match the big honcho villains. No kidding, Hawkman. And just as they're losing badly, the Trinity shows up... still as gods! (We sorta need an explanation of this soon.)

Trinity #40: The final battle ends in an anti-climax, though since there are 12 issues left, I'm guessing there's an even more final final battle in the wings. The B-story is a J.M. DeMatteis style cosmic meditation by Krona who I guess is the new universe, though I don't know if he's the JSA-iverse or the Trinity Godsiverse. Anyway, that part's pretty boring.

Franklin Richards: It's Dark Reigning Cats and Dogs #1: It's Marvel's version of the Tiny Titans! No relation whatsoever to Dark Reign (not that I mind, and it's too early to take the piss). Not Franklin's best outing, but there's a story where he gets a puppy Lockjaw who can teleport through time and space. Favorite destination:Faces of Evil: Deathstroke #1: Well here's a character I've never, ever cared about (something he shares with most Marv Wolfman creations). Another violence-fest courtesy of Faces of Evil, but after this, I care a little bit more about Deathstroke and his new mission. But it seems pointless without the announcement of a new series on the horizon.

Vigilante #2: Speaking of Marv Wolfman creations I don't give a crap about, I decided to give Vigilante a few issues' try-out. Well, I do like Rick Leonardi's art. Hm, I don't care if you %@¢& the $#!& out of the curse words, the language and implied filth isn't fit for kids. He stars in Prison Break in this, and it's fairly good issue, with the Electrocutioner and him going for the same convict. Weak point: Jericho apparently the big bad. I didn't like him as a hero, and I sure as heck don't like him as a villain.

Vigilante #3: Still looking to bring Jericho to justice, Vigilante crosses paths with the Titans who are holding him. So, this is the original's brother(?)... I told you, I'm a newbie. Wolfman had a golden opportunity to inform me in the Origins & Omens, but he squandered it. These are really proving to be useless.

X-Men Noir #2: These are pretty keen. Great art, great atmosphere, and a world where the X-Men are actually throwbacks to a more sociopathic time rather than the next evolution. Really clever work by Frank Van Lente. Inevitably, Wolverine shows up a the end of this issue.

X-Men Noir #3: I know it's not the real Marvel Universe, but I'll get Gambit getting shot in the head where I can get it.

Spider-Man Noir #2: I thought Spider-Man was also going to go powerless, but he gets bitten by a magic spider in this one. It certainly makes the spider-sense look interesting.Spider-Man Noir #3: Parker begins his war on the Goblin's criminal empire. Good intrigue even if it's not as clever as the X-Men stuff.

Mysterius the Unfathomable #2: A classic in the making. I'm a fan of Jeff Parker's work from his Marvel Adventures work, but the sassy occult adventures of Mysterius and Delfi are just great. More adult, but no less funny. Highly recommended. It makes me think of European comics (and that's a good thing).

Batman Confidential #26: So they've never done King Tut in comic book form. Not that this is anything like TV's King Tut. Just as a reminder, here's what the real King Tut looks like:And here's what they came up for the comic:Kind of an Egyptian Maxie Zeus with a washboard stomach, serial killer modus operandi, and a penchant for riddles. I don't see it. Nice Jose Lui Garcia-Lopez art though.

Wow, that makes 50 comics since this morning! I actually hit my target (could go over, but my eyes are starting to screw together). The blog really is a good motivator. Now if only I had a blog about doing the dishes...

Anyway, whether you checked in all day or got to see it all in one go, my deepest apologies. Thing is, that still leaves more than 30 books in my (priority) unread pile, so I may have to do this again some day. Sigh. Like the banner says, so much crap, so little time.


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Sea-of-Green said...

Good work whittling down that pile!

Siskoid said...

Thanks, and yet I'd have to pull the same stunt again next weekend to get myself current at all!

Not to mention series I'm so far behind, I might as well be reading them in trades (Blue Beetle, JSA, Hercules, Nova, Captain America...)

Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman can outstorytell almost any storyteller. I've been trying to tell you this all along... [wink]

Gaiman FTW!


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