Rom vs. Rom

You know, every time Rom the Spaceknight gets super-emo, I hear Leeta from Deep Space 9 go "Ohhh Rommmm!". I can't help it. Obviously, both Roms have a place in my heart.

And my heart is only big enough for one of them!


"Greatest of the Spaceknights" vs. "Quark's idiot brother"
Advantage: Rom

Rom in the Bedroom
Brandy vs. Leeta: One the one hand, the girl next door who gave up her fiancé and humanity to become a golden cyborg with mastery over Galadorian light for Rom. On the other, sexy dabo girl with big... brains, who gave up superhuman Dr. Bashir for Rom.
Advantage: Rom

The Ex
Shala-Bal... sorry, I mean Ray-Na vs. Prinadora: On one side, the girl Rom left on Galador and who died at the hands of the Dire Wraiths, lighting the candle he would hold in his heart for her for 200 years. On the other, a shrewish naked Ferengi female and Nog's deadbeat mom.
Advantage: Rom

The Nasty Brother
Terminator vs. Quark: In the blue corner, a Spaceknight with a taste for murder and even more copyright problems than Rom, who stole his brotha's only shot at regaining his humanity. In the red corner, an unscrupulous bartender who docks his own brother's pay every time he does something wrong, which occurs frequently thanks to years of daily browbeating and humiliation at his hands.
Advantage: Gotta be Rom.

Hideous appearance
Penlight eyes, no naughty bits, eerie blank expression, mittens for hands...
Big bumpy head, teeth that would scare any orthodontist, hunched posture, giant ears that might as well be phalluses...
Advantage: Rom, definitely.

Wikipedia Disambiguation
Who comes first? I thought so: Rom.

The grand winner: ROM!!!!

Was there ever any doubt?


Matthew Turnage said…
A well reasoned arguement. However, I still prefer Rom.
Siskoid said…
I agree, very tight. On any given Sunday...
FoldedSoup said…
If Rom can get a dame like that, we all have hope.
Alden said…
It should also be mentioned how both these characters seem to have been rebooted (or one of those other re- words like reimagined or realtered or even rerom'd).

I don't know much about the spaceknight version, though looking at the early comic a few days back seemed to paint a portrait not seen in the rest of the Rom based comics.

I do know Rom went through some changes during the start of DS9 though (gruff idiot who can't fix a replicator to affable idiot who invents replicating mines).
Unknown said…
I am somewhat disapointed. I really did think that ROM was going to pull ahead at the end