Spaceknight Saturdays: The Break-Up

As Bonus Rom Fortnight comes to a close with non-bonus Rom material, and with advent of the new Wraithwitch race, it seems like our favorite Spaceknight has chosen the worst possible time to do a homage cover to Amazing Spider-Man #50. Gee, and he didn't even spring for a proper garbage can.

So maybe that means his heart isn't really in it. Not quite the quitter, eh Rom?

Before we get to him though, let's check out a totally rad date between the male Sciwraiths and the female Withchwraiths (I swear that's what they call each other in the comic!). Wraiths of any gender love hiding in plain sight, so the meetings in the U.N. building. Of course! Oh, here are the dapper gentlemen...
And now the elegant ladies...
Right away, the date is off to a bad start. Instead of a meeting of minds and (ewwww) bodies, they're competing. I doesn't MATTER who chose the restaurant, as long as you have a good time! Sheesh! The problem is that Wraith females have a long memory and a tendency to hold a grudge (nothing like Earth females, then), and they just haven't forgiven their partners for throwing them into an unwinnable war with the Spaceknights (you think George Bush has these kinds of problems at home?).

More than 200 years ago, the boys decided they have to conquer worlds beyond the Dark Nebula, but the girls warned against moving too far away from the Wraithworld's black sun from which they drew their power. Who needs your stinkin' black magic, said the boys, we're building fleets and weapons. And so it was that Galador responded by creating the Spaceknights, which of course led to Rom laying waste to Wraithworld and the Wraiths becoming the evil refugee trash of the universe. So the girls decide to stage a coup and burn their bras... I mean robes.
The males' reaction is hilarious and very telling. This is the reaction of a man who's in a dead relationship:
So now I'm wondering if the males actually look more like the females than we think, and just what in their shape shifting culture would make them ashamed of their true forms. I guess boys don't usually want to look like girls... Here's another question: How is a Dire Wraith like praying mantis?
Just like that. Good ol' Deathwing form.

Meanwhile, in outer space...
Secret Invasion begins... (So it's true that the clues were there all along! Bendis was feeding older Marvel writers back when he was a teenager.)

As for Rom and Starshine, how's their date going?
Not well, actually. Seems like Brandy's turned out to be a bit of a creepy stalker. And it's true that now he has to find a way to get his humanity back... for TWO! And they have different goals as well. He's all about...
And she's more into...
But in the end, they come together. Rom realizes that a) Galador wasn't really all that shit-hot, b) he's not really going to do better than Brandy/Starshine, and c) Wraiths should all be dead dead dead.
The adventure continues!


chiasaur11 said...

You know, to my eyes, that cover doesn't look so much like "quittin' time" as "I'm going to settle this with my bare hands."

I mean, he's walkin' right into the middle of the Wraith swarm. That ain't how a quitter does things. And sure, some of the background Wraiths are laughing, but the front most ones? They're freaking out.

Siskoid said...

Just ignore the cover copy then, because I don't think you're wrong.


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