Supersize my Mini-series

Being a collection of comic book mini-series from the last year and a half that I would have liked to see become monthlies. And the series I would have sacrificed to get them there. Obviously, all creative teams must remain the same.

Teen Titans Year One by Wolfram, Kerschl and LaPointe
Oh how I would have loved for this crazy, kooky take on the Titans to be in continuity. Final Crisis, truly, you did not do your job. A reset Titans series (or more likely one taking place in the past) would have been a blast. Yes, the art team can't quite keep up with a monthly schedule. Maybe share space with another like-minded artist?
Cut: Teen Titans or Titans, they both suck anyway.

Age of the Sentry by Parker, Tobin and friends
Speaking of Silver Age nostalgia, I can't believe the Sentry is so DULL as a contemporary character, but that his fake (and faux) Silver Age adventures are so GREAT! Even DC hasn't really been able to milk its Silver Age this well, and yet, the Sentry is a stand-in for that era's Superman. As a monthly, it doesn't have to be double-sized either.
Cut: Dark Avengers, it's not like it's built to last beyond the insipid Dark Reign anyway.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight by Niles and Jones
Ok, I'm sorta cheating here, because it wouldn't be a new Batman series (though if it must), it's just my way of putting this creative team on one of the main batbooks. But seeing as the real Batman is nowhere to be seen, GAM could be the new "when there WAS a Batman" that would outsell all the Batman-less Batman books. I just can't believe Kelly Jones isn't on a proper title, is all.
Cut: If it's a whole new series, then I suppose Batman Confidential really has to go.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade by Walker and Jones
Make them Adventures in the 9th Grade, restart at number 1 IF YOU MUST, but publish this charmer of a comic. It's got at least as much juice as Billy Batson and Tiny Titans. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn! Only one comic featured Streaky the Super-Cat pulling the strings from afar, and it's this one.
Cut: I won't kill a book from the all ages line to save another. No, I'm gonna go right out and sink Superman/Batman.

Black Lightning Year One by Van Meter and Hamner
Black Lightning as a family man and high school principal trying to rid the streets of crime and corruption appeals to me. Better yet was how Suicide Slum was portrayed as a slightly mystical area where Superman couldn't easily go, and a community under siege à la The Wire.
Cut: The Outsiders. You know you want it too.

True Believers by Bates, Gulacy and Beredo
Cary Bates blew us away last year with his crazy comic about heroes who would rat you out on You-Tube. It had that real world feel reminiscent of Damage Control and Astro City and many of the characters have remained largely unexplored. So how about it? More True Believers?
Cut: Cable. It's 2009, people.

El Diablo by Nitz, Hester and Parks: Love Phil Hester, and a really cool take on the Ghost Rider concept.

Huntress Year One by Madison, Richards and Thibert: I really liked this mafia-heavy story about Huntress. Certainly more readable than books like the recent Batgirl.

Patsy Walker - Hellcat by Immonen, Lafuente and Rauch: Despite the strange Inuit mythology stuff, this exuded charm much in the same way Supergirl's Cosmic Adventures did, only for the slightly older reader. Great art and some funny Teen Beat material.

Vixen: Return of the Lion by Wilson and Cafu: Really pretty art, and made Vixen her own woman, separate from the JLA. Can't have too many GOOD female super-hero books (though I gather bloggers are in the minority thinking this).

Haunted Tank by Marrafinno and Flint: It's one of my favorite war comics concepts, and it would have been hoped that as a regular monthly, it could have gotten out of the very narrow scope it had (racism).

Ambush Bug Year None by Giffen, Fleming and Milgrom: Aren't we still missing an issue?! Ambush Bug as monthly? Yes, I think comics need to be laughed at every single month. Each issue of Year None tried to pack in a whole year of crossover madness and left some targets unhit.

Did I miss your favorite? Would you like a monthly Secret Invasion or Final Crisis book? You're crazy. But since no one can read everything, I'm sure I missed some good comics! Let me know, and I'll make sure it happens in my dream world.


D0nnaTr0y said...

I, too, LOVED the Teen Titans Year One story! I would definitely be collecting the monthly had it become one! I also really like the Huntress Year One and would love to see her have her own book, though if an ensemble cast of which she is a part of such as Birds of Prey can't survive sans Gail Simone, I highly doubt a Huntress monthly would survive. I missed the Vixen mini, but will check it out- I really enjoyed her in JLA (back when I was still reading it) and am definitely of the opinion that you can't have too many good female super-hero books!

The Mutt said...

Is it possible that the last issue of Ambush Bug will be delayed forever as part of the satire?

That would be as funny/annoying as the time South Park ran a Terrence and Phillip episode instead of the promised big reveal about Cartman's Dad.

SallyP said...

The Teen Titans:Year On mini was simply delightful, and I'd kill to be able to read it on a monthly basis. Same for Ambush Bug. It's stupid, but fun.

I LIKE fun.

The Huntress and Black Lightning minis were pretty good too.

Sea-of-Green said...

Someone at Vertigo needs to bring back the Human Target.

Siskoid said...

The end of 100 Bullets leaves the perfect vacuum for such a series.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I am also a cheerleader for Cosmic Supergirl as a regular series. I also push for a Moon Supergirl special every time I can.

Siskoid said...

Donna: And in the past year, we've lost Catwoman and Manhunter too!

D0nnaTr0y said...

I KNOW! It's awful!


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