This Week in Geek (30/03-05/04/09)


Bought: Quantum of Solace on DVD and Jack Kirby's The Demon (love that Jack Kirby collection).

Given: This weekend, I was a referee at the provincial improv tournament (high school level). It's always a big get together of older improv performers who are either officiating or coaching, including a number of role-playing buddies and fellow geeks trying to goad me into conversations about the new Star Trek movie, Watchmen or Civil War (which sparked a rant, thanks). One of these brothers in arms was Bauble who always comes with a proper geek gift. Last year, we went shopping for the complete Rom back issues. This year, he walks in and asks me if I'm still single. Upon receiving a positive, he throws me Captain Kirk's Guide to Women. New dating technology is here and I aim to use it.


DVDs: The one Aaron Sorkin/Tommy Schlamme show I'd never experienced is Sports Night. I'm not big on sitcoms OR on sports, so it never came across my radar until it was way too late. The new 10th Anniversary edition, featuring both seasons, recently came out so I jumped on it. There's a strange sense of déjà vu to it, since Sorkin would go on to use many elements from Sports Night on The West Wing and especially (since it's also tv about a tv show) Studio 60, and the laugh track is off-putting, though thankfully evaporates before the end of the first seasons. Those are the "cons". Oh, and the fact it only lasted 2 seasons. Everything else is in the "pro" column though. Touching, funny, insightful, with great characters that made me forget the actors' other big roles (to not think of Peter Krause as Nate Fisher alone would have seemed improbable). The DVD boxed set includes commentary on some episodes that actually enhance your appreciation of the show, as well as documentary features, all of them made for the 10th anniversary, and gag reels.

Trades: Finished DMZ vol.6: Blood in the Game over the weekend. In this arc, Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli keep drawing me in as they have for the last 5 volumes, with the story of war torn New York's first election. For sure, as long as we (the Western World) have troops in Kabul and Baghdad, DMZ will remain relevant and have stories to tell. Probably beyond that as well.

Books: You already know I've gone through another Star Trek S.C.E. eBook.

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 9, finishing up my intended cards for Four to Doomsday, and throwing in a couple cards from Voyage of the Damned.

Someone Else's Post of the Week
Lots of nice April Fool's blogging this week, but my favorite has to be Dr. K's new side-blog, open for a day, Better Than Chris's Invincible Super-Blog. Fixes a few jokes that really needed them to. You haven't seen corrections this good since Garfield was removed from comic strip panels.


Martin Léger said...

Be your own captain, chicks dig captains.

Alden said...

I wish I was a "chick-dug' captain; sadly I haven't rose past the rank of chief petty officer in their eyes.

Siskoid said...

Niz: Even Captain Giveup?

Austin Gorton said...

I had a similar experience with Sports Night, and came to it after Studio 60, but I absolutely love it.

You're right about the off-putting laugh track, but once they moved past that, it's easily equal to Sorkin's other works, and a lot of fun.

Martin Léger said...

Captain Giveup is still waiting for his promotion.

Dr. K said...

Hey, Siskoid--thanks for the link. I'm not making any promises, but Better than the ISB might have a life beyond April Fool's Day.


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