Spaceknight Saturdays: Nick Fury and Ronald Reagan Throw Down

Rom's gone public with the Dire Wraith threat, and now it's Total War. But Rom needs allies in this war, and the superheroes have all gone and disappeared to participate in the Beyonder's Secret Wars.

Which really doesn't explain why the Defenders, Kitty Pryde, Invisible Girl, Daredevil, Vision and the Scarlet Witch won't show up to a meeting. (Marking them down as possible Wraith impostors. Let paranoia reign supreme.)

Instead, we get two pretty solid badasses of the mid-80s: Nick Fury and Ronald Reagan (vote to reelect!). In 1984, Reagan's running the Iran-Contra stuff under the radar, what one more underground war? He's working on something called Star Wars, for God's sake! And Fury's been a badass in every era, ours included. How much of a badass? Well, he's what's been happening:
The SHIELD Helicarrier is under attack from Hellhounds and Wraiths polymorphed into Deathwings. The hounds have, among other abilities, the power to walk through walls, so they easily infiltrate the craft. Nick Fury, not above mixing it up with the shock troops and breaking some teeth...
...nonetheless has to look at the bigger picture, and that's the fact that the Wraiths have landed on the hull and are casting a spell to destroy the Helicarrier completely. Fury's plan is make the carrier rise into the upper atmosphere...
(Ouch!) ...then make the surviving Wraiths submit to reentry!
All this, during a fight, and with the hull apparently compromised! "It cost us," he says. Nick Fury also says: "If you weren't in the center of the ship, too bad for you!"

Now enters our other ally, ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States of America at the Time.
Yes, Rom is a Republican. And Starshine is a REGISTERED Republican. Go, go, second amendment! One perk Republican presidents have, of course, is high tech tube transit in the basement of the White House.
And Reagan isn't just a badass because he's Command in Chief of the world's most powerful military, he also has incredibly acute hearing.
You don't talk behind the president's back inside the District of Columbia, I tell ya.

While POTUS is activating America's resources in the war against Wraith infiltration, the Wraiths have been busy attacking sea vessels, farms and towns.
They will leave no building standing and no doll unspiked. We'll let Nick Fury have the last word on this:


Anonymous said…
When Nick Fury shows his fierce breath, all Wraiths should fled or perish!

(You could have done some reference to the V series... It's that era, I think).
Anonymous said…
Y'know, Comic Book Reagan was the greatest president ever.

He gave Amanda Waller a blank check for the Suicide Squad, sicced the Squad and Captain Atom on Firestorm when the nuclear man started a one-man nuclear disarmament crusade and (And!) still had time to fight Steve Rogers fist-to-fang!

Don't mess with the Gipper. He'll cut a bitch.
Siskoid said…
Definitely just behind Lincoln and still above Obama in comic book power.
googum said…
My dad and I were home sick the day Reagan was shot, and saw it on TV right away. Maybe that's why I always give him a pass, since I'm usually pretty left.

Great write-up: I don't think I've even seen this issue before!