Star Trek 902: Not... Sweeney!

902. Not... Sweeney!

PUBLICATION: Star Trek v.2 #7, DC Comics, April 1990

CREATORS: Peter David (writer), James W. Fry and Arne Starr (artists)

STARDATE: 8488.3 (follows the last issue)

PLOT: After Admiral Tomlinson makes some kind of deal with the Nasgul and the Klingons, he calls on the infamous bounty hunter Sweeney. Meanwhile, Blaise smokes out Kirk's sexism and rather than throw her out an airlock, he opts to bring teach her about a captain's responsibilities first hand, by inviting her on the next away mission. That mission involves the evacuation of colonists from a crumbling planet, except the colonists would rather stay than board the Enterprise, what with her captain having a price on his head and all. They may be right. Sweeney's fleet chases the ship away and Sweeney himself goes down to the planet to capture Kirk, dead or alive...

CONTINUITY: Federation President. Klingon ambassador. Sweeney has Tellarites working for him.


PANEL OF THE DAY - The sound of a thousand slash fic writers punching the air
REVIEW: There are a couple of nice laughs in this issue, especially in regards to Blaise's relationship with Kirk. When she starts using her feminine wiles on him, it's like all those times on the show where he's seduced the unlikeliest suspects, but that's turned amusingly on its head. And the fact that Kirk thinks she may be right to accuse him of only seeing women a certain way (certainly not as equals) is a great bit. As for the new villain, Sweeney, he first appears as a huge, stylized, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes that are able to disintegrate a person. Very comic book-y. His reveal at the end of the issue made him a lot more interesting though. He's basically Alfred Pennyworth with heat vision goggles. NOW I'm interested.


UndercoverPunk said…
For some reason, David seems to be riffing off of a movie called Sweeney!, which included a character named Janice Wyatt and an actor named Morris Perry. The art looked to be caricature, so I did a little Googling.

And then there's the Spaceman Spiff reference!