This Week in Geek (4-10/05/09)


Coming upon the end of my Doctor Who New Series books like I am, I bought the next four: Forever Autumn (Mark Morris), Sick Building (Paul Magrs!!! YEAH!!!), Wetworld (Mark Michalowski) and Wishing Well (Trevor Baxendale). Big Doctor Who haul considering I also got DVDs for Battlefield and the E-Space Trilogy (Full Circle, State of Decay and Warrior's Gate). Oh Adric, you're gonna be a part of my life in times to come.


DVDs: Took most of the week's "in front of the tv" time, but I flipped Generation Kill, the HBO mini-series about the invasion of Iraq. Penned by The Wire's David Simon, it's a brilliantly realistic look at the first days of the war through the eyes of the Marines who lived it, and as such has The Wire's "shit rolls downhill" feel about it. The DVD features some excellent and varied commentary tracks on all but one of the seven episodes, a discussion with some of the real people portrayed in the show, a making of piece, one of the actors' video diary and some deleted dialogues (I wonder why there's no video).

Then, just because I needed MORE nightmare fuel, I watched John Carpenter's version of The Thing for the first time in decades. Screw CGI, the mechanical effects here still make their impact. The Thing remains a claustrophobic classic that generally doesn't stray into the clichés we're used to with this kind of story. And Kurt Russell. 'nuff said. The DVD includes an entertaining commentary with Carpenter and Russell recorded in 1995 for the laser disc, a long documentary on the making of the film, and various slideshows about various aspects of the production, as well as a few deleted scenes. And it's usually cheap.

Books: In The Last Dodo, the Doctor and Martha stumble upon a museum filled with the last of each species (Mr. "Last of the Time Lords" should have said uh-oh right there), and I was surprised at how fun it was. Jacqueline Rayner's other New Series novels have been, quite frankly, complete rubbish. Annoying pop culture descriptions, strained coincidences and stupid plots. In this one, I find the Rayner I liked from the Doctor Who audios: Having a bit of fun with the format and producing a quality romp! Stylistically, it's a bit all over the place, but I think it's what makes it enjoyable, with the point of view shifting from omniscient to Martha's LiveSpace page (or something) to the dodo's pov to the I-Spyder book filled with biological detail on the species encountered.

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 7 cards. Started on Masters of War by introducing concepts akin to STCCG's Battle Bridge.

Someone Else's Post of the Week
The theory behind Wolverine's hair is discussed in entirely too much detail this week on Living Between Wednesdays. Go ahead and check it out. And bring a comb.


Martin Léger said...

I love The Thing, one of the only DVD's I own to my name. Actually it is the only DVD I have to my name.


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