Joe Kubert Appreciation Post

I'm on deadlines at work and a little too tired to do much research (you know, like actually READ a comic to write about it), so I thought I'd just post a pile of Joe Kubert artwork, just to let you know that he's probably my favorite comic book artist of all time. The more I think about it, the more that statement is true.

Pics chosen for sheer variety... (jokes on the mouseover, as usual)And I'm afraid I don't want to bend by Fax from Sarajevo.

Tell me about YOUR love for Joe's work!


Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing any mouseover text in Firefox 3.0.11.

Siskoid said...

I know. It doesn't recognize Blogger's tags.

If you really care, you can right click the Properties of each image. The alt-message is there.

Jake said...

I do really care, as I'm the kind of guy who needs to make sure I don't miss a second of your, or anyone else's humour.

Anyone know of a Greasemonkey script to fix this yet?

Siskoid said...

I'd love to know as well.

And I hope that doesn't mean you'll have to to go back and read the last 2½ years worth of alt tags!

Siskoid said...

By switching all "alt=" tags to "title=" tags, I've at least fixed this post.

Jake said...

The burden of completionism is one that I take seriously!

Anyway as soon as I realised you started doing alt-tag posts it only took me about eight months of archive perusal

Siskoid said...

Well, I started changing the tags anyway... Going backwards, I got as far as early April today.

rob! said...

I had Joe as a teacher for my 3rd year at the Kubert School, and, as you might guess, it was intimidating as hell, having this Living Legend look over my chicken scratch drawings.

One time he was doing reviews of each of our work that week (the assignment was to rough out a comic book cover for a series of our own creation), and he looked at what I did, put a piece of tracing paper over it, and proceeded to show me how it could be better.

AT NO TIME did he look at what he was drawing--he kept looking me at me while his hand moved around the paper. Then, when he was done, he handed me the tracing, and I looked at it--it was 100x better than what I had.

I walked back to my seat, dumbfounded that he could do such a good drawing without ever looking at the paper--it was like that ventriloquist drink where they drink a glass of water while the puppet talks.

I was stunned, and I still have that pencil tracing in my files somewhere.

Siskoid said...

Wow. That is a great story.

And you've just put me 2 Kevin Bacons away from Joe Kubert! ;)

rob! said...


I have a million of 'em! :)

One other short one: one time, me and a friend of mine were in the bathroom, and there was a third guy we didn't know in there.

My friend starts ragging on Joe, the way he was running the school, etc. Nothing too nasty, but a general list of grievances.

The third guy walks out without saying anything. My friend and I pause, and then it hits me.

I tell my friend, "I think that was Andy Kubert." Ooops!


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