Star Trek 984: A Wolf... in Cheap Clothing The Conclusion

984. A Wolf... in Cheap Clothing The Conclusion

PUBLICATION: Star Trek v.2 #72, DC Comics, June 1995

CREATORS: Howard Weinstein (writer), Rachel Ketchum and Arne Starr (artists)

STARDATE: 8691.2 (follows the last issue)

PLOT: The idol stolen by Kirk's magician girlfriend turns out to be a sacred reliquary tied to Kahless. Commodore Khezri is called to Zanak Prime to collect it, and he does just as the Klingon dissenters corner the mastermind behind the whole plan, Captain Nolli. They were going to unite the Klingon colonies against the corruption of the Empire and perhaps save it. They won't get that chance, Nolli is facing court-martial and Kirk's girl disappears dramatically.

CONTINUITY: Kahless first appeared in The Savage Curtain. Kirk learns that Klingons are religious (as per their portrayal in TNG and beyond). The monastery at Boreth (Rightful Heir) is mentioned to be where the idol should normally be kept, and possibly the source of the Kahless DNA. Commodore Khezri was last seen in #47.

DIVERGENCES: Lt. Tuchinsky appears, but has blond hair.

PANEL OF THE DAY - Contemplating dinner.
REVIEW: The previous issue's cover jumped the gun on that Kahless appearance, but it's nice to see an element that ties into TNG. The comics are a perfect place to tie the histories of the two crews, and it's not overdone here. The end is a bit of an anti-climax, with the colonists plans just falling apart and no consequences forthcoming. And really, no reason to have involved Sulu, who hasn't done much in the last two issues after such a promising start. The wonky art is fun in places, but Ketchum gets the chance to draw some action here, and misses the mark. You really can't tell what's going on in places.


Alden said...

Sorry to leave another somewhat off topic comment (though this time it is specifically about Star Trek and Comics).

I had an idea for a comic series in which each issue would be a companion for an episode from TOS. It would include a what could be considered deleted scenes that would close up any loose ends in the episode and would also have in-universe related media that could explain away the errors, such as dossiers on characters that explain those crazy things they did in episodes.

I think it would be a good way to complete the show, but since I know little about comics, I thought I would ask you whether you would buy such a comic.

Siskoid said...

Well, I think history has shown that I would get (in some form or other) any kind of Star Trek comic.

So like an Untold Tales of Spider-Man, right?

Alden said...

Though I havenm't read the Untold Stories of Spiderman, what I gleaned from its wikipedia page was that they were linear stories.

My idea was more a broken structure in which unseen moments from the episode (or moments from them looked at from aslightly different way) would be interspersed with facts from within the star trek universe in the form of articles or character profiles. On its own, these comics would be less than a story. They would be best read during or after an episode of the show. They would explain away a few of the errors in the episode and possibly make the enjoyment of that episode greater.


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